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Insights into the Milling & Threading Industry Segments from LMT

Insights into the Milling & Threading Industry Segments from LMT

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 02 August 2015

Milling and threading tool processes are used in almost every industry and in every component. LMT Tools has now merged both processes to form one product segment to best meet customer requirements. Segment Manager Jochen Jäger provides insights into this broad area in the following interview.

Commenting upon this merging, Mr Jäger says: ‘’For us there are two aspects to consider. Firstly, our external customers that include end users, representatives and distributors that all request our support in process optimization. They want to increase their productivity and to be provided with effective solutions to on-site problems. Secondly, our internal customers. These include our subsidiaries and sales representatives and are primarily interested in courses and training programs. Our aim here is to increase the qualification profile of individual employees.’’

Regarding market developments, Mr  Jäger continues: ‘’The level of competition is very high. In the last few years, we have noticed an increase in the number of Asian competitors, particularly in the European market. Increasingly, we are seeing new production methods, such as 3D printing or laser cladding, which will have an impact on the existing market. For us, as a tool manufacturer, we need to focus on performance-oriented applications. Other important areas include continuous product development, reducing development cycles and adapting to specific customer requirements in production.’’

‘’This makes milling and threading applications more prominent. Our focus is on general machining, the automotive industry and its suppliers and also energy technology. We have a strong market position in these fields and also mold and die making. Medical technology also represents a further interesting area of development, as it offers new fields of application and great market growth potential due to demographic trends.

’’With regard to merging the industry segments Mr  Jäger continues: ‘’Both processes are used on virtually the same machines. Combining both processes is therefore practical. In addition, both processes are used for a majority of components. A further consideration is the fact that our sales philosophy also includes cross-selling approaches. The General Machining Segment has been adapted in line with the other segments based on machining processes. In addition, as part of this change, we have placed the focus on the core competencies of milling and threading. The segment still includes complementary products from the fields of turning, drilling and clamping.’’

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