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Modifix from WNT the easy option to upgrade your driven tooling
Modifix from WNT the easy option to upgrade your driven tooling

Modifix from WNT the easy option to upgrade your driven tooling

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 08 July 2013

The cost of replacing driven tooling can be prohibitive but with WNT’s introduction of Modifix the need to purchase the spindle units has been eliminated as the adaptors will fit any standard ER collet-type driven tooling system.

Modifix adaptors provide a low-cost route to enhancing or replacing existing stocks of driven tooling for engineering companies and have the added advantage of being available with sidelock and shell mill fittings, as well as the conventional collet chuck, extending the versatility of driven tooling units.

The simple interchangeability of the Modifix system means that tools can be pre-set in a separate holder and quickly interchanged when required, with the accuracy of the units giving greatly reduced setting times and increased machine run time. The rigidity of the tool setup is also enhanced by the short distance between the tool and the spindle bearings of the driven tool unit. Further versatility is provided by the fact that Modifix units are available with either an internal and external thread connection to suit the ER system, to install the adaptor the operator simply removes the ER collet nut and attaches the Modifix adaptor, tightening it as they would the ER collet.

'The Modifix system is an extremely cost-effective route to upgrading an existing driven tooling system, many of which would have been supplied as part of a package when the machine tool was new. The versatility and ease of use of Modifix enables a much wider range of tools to be used to their optimum capabilities, with end-mills being held securely in side lock holders rather than collet chucks,' says Adrian Fitts, Business Development Manager, WNT (UK).

As with all of the products in WNT’s extensive tooling, toolholding and workholding ranges, Modifix is available ex-stock on a guaranteed next day, before noon delivery.


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