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MultiDec lube system delivers coolant directly to the cutting tool
MultiDec lube system delivers coolant directly to the cutting tool

MultiDec lube system delivers coolant directly to the cutting tool

Added to MTDCNC by Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd on 29 June 2014

Delivering coolant directly to the cutting tools in the platen of a compact sliding head lathe has until now, been somewhat of a challenge. However, with the new MultiDec Lube system from Floyd Automatic, this challenge has now been overcome.

With Swiss type sliding head lathes becoming ever more productive and materials increasingly difficult to cut, downtime caused by poor tool life and swarf control, is a major issue for such highly productive machine types. The MultiDec Lube system from Floyd Automatic directs high pressure coolant to the cutting edge thereby improving tool life, surface finishes and eliminating issues caused by swarf build-up. Most importantly for the end user is the improved process stability that minimises downtime and thus increases productivity by a considerable margin.

The innovative MultiDec Lube is based upon a clamping wedge design that can easily and quickly replace the original clamping wedge. The MultiDec Lube clamping wedge can be coupled directly to the coolant supply via connectors which are on the rear or the side of the MultiDec Lube to improve accessibility for the user. Conventional toolholders without an internal cooling facility can still be used as the coolant is delivered through the clamping wedge. Using this coolant delivery system, the users is not committed to any one brand of insert tooling

To further improve the user experience, the wedge incorporates an adjustable stop that makes it possible to position the tools in exactly the same position after the removal of the toolholder for the insert change. Additionally, the MultiDec Lube can be used with or without high pressure with thanks to the fixed coolant exit. With two openings, the coolant always gets precisely delivered to the cutting edge.

Available in right or left hand designations, the MultiDec Lube consists of the clamping wedge, a clamping screw, an extraction screw and two coolant connectors. Further details on how the MultiDec Lube can extend tool life, improve productivity and enhance process stability can be obtained from Floyd Automatic on Tel: 01462 491919

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