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 ITC extends boring line with twin-cutter for small diameters

ITC extends boring line with twin-cutter for small diameters

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 01 July 2015

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now extended its already impressive line of holemaking products with the recent introduction of the new MW Boring Head from BIG KAISER. This new innovation has is a straight shank indexable rough boring tool for machining small diameters from 16mm to 21mm.


Based on BIG KAISER’s existing 319 SW series, the MW Boring Head is a twin-cutter boring tool, which means it can quickly remove large quantities of material, compared to single-cutter tools. The MW’s two cutting edges can be pre-set independently to the required diameter with a tolerance of 0.2mm. The MW Boring Head is ideally suited to semi-finish or finish boring operations of workpieces with die cast holes. It uses a 20mm shank. This means it is easy to clamp in commonly-used milling chucks and tool holders to simplify the set-up process.


The MW Boring Head has a precision serrated connecting system that ensures secure and rigid connection. For the end user, this means that torque can be maximised to increase material removal rates. In aluminium, cutting speeds of up to 280m/min can be achieved, with a feed rate of 0.3mm per revolution and a cutting depth of 4mm. A spiral groove improves chip evacuation whilst coolant is provided directly to the cutting edges. For producing blind holes the coolant is routed through the centre of the tool to further enhance chip evacuation. The coolant hole can be closed when required using a stop screw.


‘’BIG KAISER is the only company that can offer adjustable twin-cutter boring tools for diameters as low as 16mm. The new MW Boring Head builds on the success of our 319 SW series, and means that reliable, fast and effective boring is now possible at even smaller dimensions,’’ says Peter Elmer, CEO of KAISER. The MW Boring Head is now available from ITC with die steel insert holders provided with the tool.

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