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New Greenleaf Small Diameter Milling Line for Mould & Die

New Greenleaf Small Diameter Milling Line for Mould & Die

Added to MTDCNC by Greenleaf Europe BV on 03 June 2017

High performance milling with small diameter tools has now been taken to a new level with the arrival of Greenleaf’s new line of small-diameter end mills. Developed specifically for high-performance milling in difficult-to-machine materials, the new ExcelMill uses Greenleaf’s advanced ceramic inserts. 

The cutter bodies, shanks, and insert clamps have been developed to offer outstanding performance at elevated spindle speeds on the most demanding materials. The new ExcelMill has been launched for typical application areas that include machining the majority of hardened materials above 40HRc as well as nickel and cobalt-based super alloys. Hard milling applications in the mould making and tool & die industries such as pocket milling, ramping and helical milling are now possible using indexable ceramic inserts.

The new line is available with diameters of 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 63mm with two to four insert seats depending upon the chosen diameter.  The tool bodies are offered with a number of variants for the respective material and process application. This includes the WSRP end mill with round positive inserts, the WSRN end mill with round negative inserts, the WSTP tool body with triangular inserts or the WSSP Series with square positive inserts. Each of the four tool bodies are suitable for a variety of applications and material types and it is recommended that end users contact Greenleaf for the performance characteristics and benefits of each. 

For optimal running conditions, Greenleaf recommends that an air blast is used for hard milling applications whilst maximum insert life can be achieved at a radial width of cut based on machining with 40-60% of the cutter diameter. As the width-of-cut ratio decreases, the feed should be increased to maintain acceptable average chip thickness. For machine shops running the tools at 10,000rpm and higher, Greenleaf suggests that balanced high performance tool holders are critical for optimal tool life, surface finishes and overall performance. 


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