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New Guhring 3-Flute PCD Tools

New Guhring 3-Flute PCD Tools

Added to MTDCNC by Guhring Ltd on 30 June 2016

Guhring has now extended its impressive line of PCD milling tools with the introduction of its new 3-fluted PCD end mill line. Developed to enhance machining performance on intrinsically difficult materials, this new line is something definitely worth taking a look at...

The PCD tooling line from Guhring guarantees short cycle times and

high feed rates with consistent quality, exact repeatability and accuracy. The high wear-resistance results in long tool life and permits efficient cutting. All this is now available with the impressive new 3-flute line that is ideally suited for machining aluminium alloys, composite materials and additional abrasive and difficult to machine materials.

Guhring offers two series of standard PCD tipped carbide end mills as stocked standard products for milling aluminum composite materials. Complementing the extensive two flute line, the 3-flute tools are available with a standard or long tool length that has either a HA shank or a plain cylindrical shank and an axial cooling facility. These PCD end mills are centre cutting and can run faster than conventional carbide end mills whilst providing better surface finish and longer tool life.

The high performance end mills are available with a 14, 16, 18 or 20mm diameter and an overall cutting length of 8 to 20mm depending upon the tool diameter choice. The standard length tools are available with an overall length of 83 or 100mm whilst the long series can be purchased with lengths of 100 or 150mm for machining deep cavities. The H6 finished shanks demonstrate exceptional concentricity and balance for high speed cutting. The high performance inserts incorporate a 0.1mm corner radius to prevent edge chipping and breakages during machining. For further info, contact your local Guhring dealer.

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