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New guiding and clamping Innovations from Floyd at MACH

New guiding and clamping Innovations from Floyd at MACH

In high precision turning when we speak about guide bushes and collets, the solutions available on the market involve split elements. Depending on the circumstances, swarf ingress into the adjustment and clamping devices can generate significant problems for users. To eliminate this issue, a new generation of patented non-split collets and guide-bushes from ECS Swisscollet are now available in the UK from Floyd Automaticand will be at MACH 2014 on Stand 5335.

According to the materials to be machined, bars may have a number of irregularities. For manufacturers that continuously machine cast bronze, bar related problems can occur from a diameter variation of up to 0.75mm. When such an occurrence is commonplace, the new Swisscollet  guide-bush range is capable of absorbing such a difference. This patented system greatly simplifies the machining in materials where bars are not 'perfectly prepared', such as PEAK for example.

Among the new innovations is the new Master-Bush series of standard guide-bushes. For high precision turning the seizing of a guide bush is a regular problem. However, with the new MasterBush the friction is eliminated. In the case of working with difficult material, this avoids seizing as the jaws provide a flexible movement that make it ideal to work in 3 positions. For the user, the transition to the use of such a guide-bush doesn’t involve any training or complication and fits into the standard housing.

For adaptive guide bushes (AGB & JBS), Floyd Automatic can provide the new Master Bush series of adaptive bushes. These include 8 jaws instead of the four in standard collets. The principle is the same as on the guide-bush, whereby the four or eight easily interchangeable PVD coated jaws provide a perfectly concentric clamping and avoid any backward movement, even in demanding operations.

Alongside the Master-Bush is the new Master-Clamp range of standard F-type collets. This exciting new range reduces friction and increases the clamping force for turned parts manufacturers.

For applications that require an ‘over grip’ the new Master-Clamp system is an ideal solution. For example, one customer wanted to complete parts on the sub-spindle to avoid secondary operations. However, as the company was unable to pass over a shoulder and clamp behind, so they used a  Master-Clamp collet. The large opening collets increased the clamping range by 60%, which was ideal for this relatively long turning operation. It enabled the customer to clamp closer to the machining area and this in turn prevented any buckling of the long parts. With improved precision, rigidity and surface finishes, the end user was delighted with the results offered by the MasterClamp.

The MasterClamp series is also available with specialist applications for multi-spindle turning centres. As a high productivity environment, multi-spindle collets can easily become jammed with chips and this drastically reduces machine up-time. Some multi-spindle users can witness downtime of up to 8 hours per week from swarf ingress.  The new multi-spindle collets that operate on the same principle of added jaws without a slot for swarf to penetrate can avoid this problem with extraordinary benefits to the end user.

The new range of collets from Floyd Automatic offer a wealth of benefits to users of sliding head turning centres. Customers that have employed the new collets have witnessed reduced friction, increased clamping force and rapid interchangeability of the jaws, which limits machine downtime. Additionally, the sealed collets prevent the entry of chips into the machine spindle and this is a major plus point for highly productive machine shops. With all clamping forms possible, the easy to use collets deliver remarkable precision regardless of turning application.

The main advantage is indeed to increase the quality of clamping regardless of the quality of the material. The principle of clamping uses jaws and is not based on the deformation of steel in the collet. Therefore it does not wear out.

The aim of the new Master-Bush Master-Clamp system is not to replace standard guide-bushes and collets, but in most applications, the flexibility and the removal of seizing problems plus the significantly increased collet and guide bush life make the new system a suitable and beneficial alternative. As the jaws are interchangeable and the life of the devices very long, the investment for the customer quickly pays off.

Published on MTD CNC by Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd on 04 March 2014

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