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NEW line of the PowerTap range now available from Guhring UK

NEW line of the PowerTap range now available from Guhring UK

Added to MTDCNC by Guhring Ltd on 15 May 2015

To enhance threading performance, Guhring has now launched its new line of universal taps, the PowerTap range. The PowerTap is a truly universal line that covers a broad range of applications, as it can be applied to a host of materials that include cast materials, general steels, aluminium and aluminium alloys, stainless and acid resistant steels as well as high tensile steels. 

Guhring’s PowerTap program includes powerful taps for the most common threads. The special geometry of Guhring PowerTaps makes them genuine all-rounders in close to all materials. The PowerTap series is available with a host of thread geometries that include Metric, MF, UNC, UNF and BSP for blind and through hole threads from M2 to M24 and also a diverse line of imperial dimensions with  range of thread pitches for most diameters.

The extensive line is available with either a TiN coating or steam tempered with different shank lengths and either straight or right hand helix 40 degree flutes. The centre at the end of the taps are also offered in a number of designations that include a solid cone, stepped cone, internal centre or chamfered centre. 

In addition to the conventional Form B and C for machine taps, Guhring is increasingly including Form E tools in its standard range. This takes into account the increasing demand for taps with which threads can be produced as close as possible to the bottom of the bore when machining blind holes and to produce deepest threads as possible when machining through holes. 

Taps with Form E, feature an extremely short chamfer lead with only 1.5 to 2 threads. On modern machines and tapping chucks, any inferior guidance of the tool in comparison to Forms B and C with long chamfer lead are eliminated. The run-out of the tap is impossible thanks to the rigid tool clamping.

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