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New Seco face milling cutter body doubles tool life

New Seco face milling cutter body doubles tool life

Added to MTDCNC by Seco Tools (UK) Ltd on 01 June 2017

Seco Tools’ new R220.88 face milling cutters feature inserts with eight cutting edges and optimised geometries that help reduce cutting forces and significantly increase tool life.

R220.88 cutter bodies have been designed with a 88-degree lead angle that enables large depths of cut to be taken using smaller-sized inserts (with 8 cutting edges per insert) making the range more flexible and particularly productive when machining close to work-piece sidewalls and clamping fixtures.

Designed for roughing and semi-finishing operations, R220.88 cutters are ideal for machining cast iron and steels and, as such, will be of interest to automotive component manufacturers - to name but a few.

The cutter body is made of Idun - a low-wear, corrosion-resistant, workable and tough stainless steel that provides longevity and durability. The material is also environmentally friendly as its manufacture does not involve using the nickel coating process.

R220.88 cutter bodies are available in different diameters - 50 mm to 160 mm diameter bodies use size 12 inserts, and 63 mm to 160 mm diameter bodies use size 16 inserts. Each diameter is offered with both standard pitch and a close-pitch variants to increase their appeal to manufacturers.

Size 12 R220.88 cutter bodies achieve a maximum depth of cut of 9 mm, whereas Size 16 bodies deliver an impressive 13 mm maximum depth of cut. Right-hand versions of the cutter body are available as standard with left-hand versions also being available by special request. The availability of both options enable manufacturers to use them in dual spindle machines performing simultaneous milling operations.

R220.88 bodies are compatible with Seco’s SNMU inserts, which are secured by centre locks or screws, eliminating the need for wedges to secure the insert in the pocket.

The eight cutting edges on the inserts have double-the-tool-life over inserts with four edges and, as such, help reduce tool inventory and costs.

With their neutral design, SNMU inserts can be applied in right-hand or left-hand milling operations.

Insert geometries available include M10 and MD13 for Size 12 - and MD10 and MD16 for Size 16. Insert grades include MK1500, MK2050, MP1500, MP2500, MS2500 and F40M.

An integrated wiper flat ensures a good surface finish for semi-finishing applications, and optimised geometries for reduced cutting forces with the M10. The heavy edge protection with the MD13 and MD16 inserts are ideal for difficult face milling operations, such as those involving interrupted cuts.

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