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New shell mills set standards for stability and economy
New shell mills set standards for stability and economy

New shell mills set standards for stability and economy

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 08 October 2016

To generate maximum performance and economy during rough and semi-finish machining of steel and cast materials, LMT Fette has now introduced two new tangentially positioned indexable insert cutting tools.

Tangentially mounted inserts guarantee an extremely stable milling process and permit the highest possible removal rates during rough machining. The optimised insert geometry has a positive rake angle and this results in a softer cut that further reduces the spindle load and horsepower requirements. The knock-on effect is that tool life and rigidity is significantly increased. Now, LMT Fette has combined these advantages in two completely new shell mill designs with the new MultiEdge T90 PRO4 and PRO8.

The indexable inserts of the MultiEdge T90 PRO4 feature four cutting edges and are designed with a stable, soft cutting geometry allowing for maximum axial in-feeds of ap = 11.5 mm. In comparison, the indexable inserts of the MultiEdge T90 PRO8 have twice as many cutting edges and this further reduces the tooling costs for the end user. This impressive product line has a maximum axial in-feed of ap = 10 mm.

When processing components from GGG50 with the MultiEdge T90 PRO8, removal rates and service life can be more than tripled. Processing time and machine costs are reduced by more than 60%. For further details, give your local LMT Fette engineer a call..

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