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WIDIA Introduces New Universal High-Precision Collet Chuck

WIDIA Introduces New Universal High-Precision Collet Chuck

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 21 July 2015

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now introduced a new line of Widia high-accuracy tool holders that can accomplish milling, drilling, reaming and  tapping efficiencies while holding a near-perfect runout.
This new universal high-precision collet chuck from WIDIA is a complete all-rounder as it can be applied a variety of applications while maintaining runout accuracy of 0.003mm at 3xD. For machine shops that are looking to improve performance and final part tolerance, the chuck will provide added versatility by enabling users to continue operating with standard ER collets while upgrading to precision collets.
The new collet chucks have a thick chuck wall design and a stronger outer form that increases rigidity and lowers vibration for longer spindle and tool life. Simultaneously, the 6 to 20mm collets have a unique sealed design that provides excellent coolant delivery and longer tool life.
For industry sectors that encounter high-strength, difficult-to-machine materials that demand high torque, feed and force rates, the key problem is the danger of milling cutters being pulled out of the tool holder under extreme forces.  In response, the new WIDIA universal precision collet is available with Safe-Lock™ pull-out protection from Haimer.
It has helical grooves ground into the shank of the milling tool that combine with the respective pin drivers in the chuck to prevent the tool from spinning or being pulled out of the holder under extreme machining conditions. The helical path of the Safe-Lock grooves also allow for the operator to adjust tool length. This means that tools can be reground and pre-set as usual. For further details on how to upgrade to high-precision machining with increased accuracy and reliability, please contact your local ITC representative.

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