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ITC taps, new thread making line
ITC taps, new thread making line

ITC taps, new thread making line

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 22 September 2013

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now extended its formidable range of thread-making products with the launch of the new VariTap series of high performance taps. Launched at the recent EMO exhibition in Hanover by Widia and available in the UK through ITC, the new VariTap incorporates an optimised geometry to deliver exceptional performance levels on a vast selection of ductile materials.

The new VariTap is a multi-purpose tapping line that is ideal for end users and general machine shops with a wide variety of materials that require threading. Capable of working on carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, ductile iron and cast aluminium, the VariTap drastically cuts inventory requirements and costs with its versatility. Whilst offering a remarkable level of diversity, the capability of the high-vanadium HSS-E taps ensures the customer obtains the optimal threading performance on its various material types with its exceptional wear resistance that extends tool life.

The VariTap has rapidly established a reputation that is already enjoyed by the renowned VariMill and VariDrill ranges from Widia that compliment the new VariTap. Like other offerings from the ‘Vari’ stable of Widia products, the VariTap incorporates a unique geometry design. In the case of the VariTap, this geometry is an optimised spiral point that provides a low tapping torque that rapidly pushing chips ahead of the tap in ‘through hole’ applications.

With regard to blind holes, the VariTap series offers geometries that demonstrate rapid swarf evacuation through the polished flutes. This spiral flute geometry reduces the ‘nesting’ requirement with continuous chip flow that further reduces stress on the tap to deliver improved thread finish and extended tool life. The extended tool life is also a result of the propriety PVD coating that is applied in-house. This PVD coating supports the reduction of tapping torque and improves wear resistance.

The VariTap is available in multiple tap dimensions and geometries with ANSI, DIN length/ANSI shank, DIN 371 and 376 and UNJC/UNJF all catered for. The various VariTap ranges are available with semi-bottoming chamfers, Form B plug chamfer, Form C semi-bottoming chamfers and spiral point plug chamfers. The launch of the new VariTap will be a welcome addition to the ITC stable and will enable customers to enjoy threadmaking performance comparable to that of the highly regarded VariDrill range of drills from the Tamworth company.

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