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New WIDIA milling grade from ITC for super-alloys

New WIDIA milling grade from ITC for super-alloys

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 10 January 2017

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now extended its impressive portfolio of tools for machining super-alloys with the arrival of the WIDIA WS40PM indexable insert line. 

This cobalt-rich substrate provides robust fatigue resistance and edge integrity while the multi-phase AlTiN-TiN PVD coating reduces tool wear. This combination makes the WIDIA WS40PM grade the first choice for machining a wide range of high-temp steel alloys, austenitic and PH stainless steels, nickel-based super alloys such as Hastelloy, Nitronic and Titanium.

The WIDIA Product Group Manager Portfolio Management for Turning and Indexable Milling, Mr Josef Fellner says the company recently took its newest WS40PM advanced milling grade on a world-wide testing tour. The results have been quite impressive with an aircraft manufacturer enjoying a 90% reduction in machining time per part with a tool life improvement of 50% during Ti-6Al-4V face milling operations. Furthermore, a UK workshop decreased insert flank wear by more than 90% when machining Inconel 625. This delivered a 70% reduction in tooling costs. In China, a turbocharger manufacturer increased tool life by 80% while machining an austenitic stainless steel component using the new WS40PM. As well as increased tool life, the customer improved surface quality, reduced cutting forces and enhanced chip flow.

In all instances, speeds and feeds were kept the same or in some cases increased to take advantage of WS40PM’s exceptional toughness, wear-resistance and ability to resist thermal cracking. The WS40PM was designed to meet the needs of the aerospace, defence and medical industries where titanium is used for everything from landing gear and seat tracks to lifesaving implants and surgical instruments. 

However, the WS40PM is suitable for far more than just titanium. High-temp steel alloys, austenitic and PH stainless steels, nickel-based super alloys such as Hastelloy and Nitronic are all materials that cause tool failure due to built-up edges and notching at the depth of cut line. Other common factors for failure are cratering, chipping and extreme heat generation, which in the case of wet-cutting operations leads to cracking. The impressive new WS40PM from ITC significantly reduces the potential for all of these common machining problems.

WS40PM’s advanced cobalt-rich substrate provides robust fatigue resistance and edge integrity, while the multiphase AlTiN-TiN PVD coating reduces wear. Using an initial cutting speed of 53m/min, the WS40PM can achieve productivity gains of 25-35% with consistent tool life improvements, even when milling very tough materials like Ti-5553 and Super Duplex steels.

Success with super-alloys takes more than a good carbide grade. Customers should also utilise a robust tool body platform such as the WIDIA VSM490 shoulder mill, which offers state of the art cutter design. In addition, customers must also consider the rigidity and machining platform of the machine tool, toolholder and spindle interface when aiming for the utmost in productive titanium machining. For further details on the WIDIA WS40PM, contact your local ITC representative.

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