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NTK Improves Inconel Turning of Bearing Housings
NTK Improves Inconel Turning of Bearing Housings

NTK Improves Inconel Turning of Bearing Housings

Added to MTDCNC by NTK Cutting Tools on 02 January 2016

The internal turning of Inconel 625 components for the aerospace and oil & gas sector is now witnessing a paradigm shift in tooling technology with the arrival of NTK's JX1 insert grade. 


Proving extremely successful in the field; one subcontract customer that is semi-finishing Inconel 625 bearing housings with the JX1 insert is now doubling the tool life and halving the cycle times. Previously running a whisker ceramic grade, the bearing housings were machined at a surface speed of 600SFM with a feed rate of 0.07IPT at a 0.04inch depth of cut. This was yielding a tool life of just one part per insert edge despite running the job with coolant. 


However, the introduction of NTK's JX1 enabled the customer to run the machine at the same cutting parameters with the exception of the surface speed. This was more than doubled from 600SFM to 1350SFM. The result was a 50% reduction in cycle time as well as a tool life improvement of 50%, with the JX1 machining two parts per insert. 


In addition, by extending the tool life, the JX1 has allowed this customer to only change the insert on every other part as opposed to every part. This equates to a further saving as the machine doesn't have to be continually stopped for insert changes. The result is another delighted NTK customer..

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