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NTK Introduces Hard Turning Insert Grades

NTK Introduces Hard Turning Insert Grades

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 02 July 2015
Renowned for market leading cutting tools for hard part machining, NTK has now launched its new line of hard turning insert grades. The new range of PVD TiCN coated B5K and B6K inserts have been created to improve performance when conducing high speed turning of hardened steel, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and steel rolls.
The two new CBN coated grades have been developed to enhance productivity and extend tool life when machining hardened steel and additional difficult to cut materials. The new B5K grade is suitable for the continuous to light interrupted machining of hardened steel and its geometry also makes it suitable for the finish machining of ductile cast iron. For more robust machining demands, the B6K compliments the B5K with its ability to conduct medium to heavy interrupted machining of hardened steel.
The new B5K grade delivers outstanding wear resistance when continuous and light interrupted turning at cutting speeds in the region of 200m/min with depths of cut up to 0.2mm. For heavier cutting parameters, the B6K has the capability to run at a cutting speed beyond 220m/min with a depth of cut up to 0.2mm at a feed rate of 0.08mm/rev.
In comparison to competitor grades, the B5K and B6K provide extended tool life and improved feed and speed rates that enhance productivity. All this is provided with wear and impact resistance that gives the end user confidence that the insert will not fail during prolonged periods of turning.
The B5K and B6K are offered with a wide variety of insert geometries that include TNGA, VNGA, CNGA, DNGA, DCGW, SNGA and many more. With corresponding tool holders for each of the insert designations, NTK can supply the new grades with 2, 4 or 6 cutting edges per insert. This significantly reduces the 'cost per edge' for the end user. The inserts can be operated with or without coolant supply.

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