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NTK Introduces new Turning Range

NTK Introduces new Turning Range

Added to MTDCNC by NTK Cutting Tools on 04 July 2016

For enhanced precision when turning external diameters, NTK has now introduced its new DS-ACH line of tool holders. With a centreline height adjustment system that has been patented, this new NTK toolholder eliminates the centre pip on end-faces to provide a constant OD dimension.

The centreline adjustment system only requires an Allen-key to adjust the insert height via an adjustment wedge on the underside of the tool body. The centreline height has an adjustment range from 0 to 0.2mm that enables the cutting edge to be finely adjusted to eliminate any discrepancies with the surface finish when face cutting. The robust toolholder design combines with the insert locking mechanism to reduce vibration and chatter, even during the most challenging of cutting conditions.

From an end user perspective, the new DS-ACH Series can significantly reduce the set-up time for cutting tools with its simple and user friendly adjustment wedge that is also easy to access when mounted in the machining envelope. At present, the left hand cutting DS-ACH line is available with three toolholder variants. The DS-SDU-ACH Series is available with a 16, 19, 20, 22mm or one inch diameter toolholder with an overall length of 75mm to 150mm. Corresponding with this toolholder is the DC insert geometry that has a relief angle of 3 degrees and two cutting edges.

Alongside the SDU designated toolholder is the DS-PTX-ACH. Also available with the same toolholder dimensions as the SDU, the PTX variant accommodates triangular insert geometries with a 10 degree relief angle. Whilst for more intricate profiling operations, NTK has introduced its DS-SVVP-ACH toolholder. Utilising a two edged insert with a 72 degree relief angle, this positive insert geometry is ideal for profile machining complex parts. Each of the three insert geometries and corresponding tool holders are available with a range of grades and coatings for the processing of a wide variety of material types. For further details, please contact NTK on Tel: 01442 281072

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