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NTK's JX1 Grade Doubles Tool Life on Inconel 718

NTK's JX1 Grade Doubles Tool Life on Inconel 718

Added to MTDCNC by NTK Cutting Tools on 03 October 2015

The oil & gas industry is renowned for using materials that are particularly difficult to machine - but that was before the arrival of NTK's new JX1 insert grade. One leading oil & gas OEM has for some time been machining Inconel 718 and striving for tool life improvements.
NTK has been supporting this customer for some time with its innovative turning grades demonstrating incremental benefits with each new product launch. However, the JX1 has made a huge leap in technological advancement and this customer is now reaping the rewards. Processing a pre-machined Inconel 718 housing with semi finish internal boring operations, NTK was initially using its whisker ceramic grade with a surface speed of 800SFM and a feed rate of 0.08 inches per revolution with a 0.08inch depth of cut. Running this grade dry on inconel was returning a tool life of 12minutes. 

NTK consequently introduced this customer to its SiAlON ceramic insert grade that was used at the same machining parameters to deliver a tool life improvement of 3 minutes, taking the total tool life of an insert to 15 minutes.

 And then came the JX1...

The NTK representative suggested replacing the SiAlON grade with the revolutionary new JX1 grade. Tool life has instantly gone from an already impressive 15 minutes to 25minute. In effect, the JX1 has doubled tool life in comparison to whisker ceramic grades and also achieved a 1.7 times longer tool life than its latest SiAlON grade. The result is that the end user is delighted with the tool life improvements and the cost reductions from reducing insert purchases. This customer is confident that only NTK can ever surpass the tool life and productivity achieved on this extremely difficult to process material...

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