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Sumitomo WFX Wavemill cutters for optimised milling cycles

Sumitomo WFX Wavemill cutters for optimised milling cycles

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 21 March 2013

The Sumitomo WFX Wavemill cutters have been developed  for optimised milling cycles with superior squareness up to a 90 deg shoulder.  For use with a depth-of-cut up to 10 mm using cost-effective four corner inserts and the latest ACE-Coat Super ZX multi-layer PVD coating they are able to resist wear and fracture and maintain high levels of coating adhesion.  As a result an in-cut life some 1.5 times greater than conventional coated inserts can be achieved.

The Sumitomo Wavemill WFX shoulder milling cutter bodies are high precision to help enhance surface finish when milling steel, stainless steel, die steel, cast iron and non-ferrous alloys.  They are available in shell and shank types with standard or fine-pitch variants and centre-screw locking of inserts.  

The Wavemill Shell WFX (F) 1200 RS cutter body is available in diameters from 50 mm with three teeth to 160 mm with eight teeth each set at a radial rake angle of -8 deg and axial angle of 8 deg.  When the fine pitch body is specified, the number of teeth is between four and 12.  In addition, special order cutter bodies of 200 mm and 250 mm diameter are available.

Shank style bodies WFX (F) 1200 E with standard pitch inserts are available between 40 mm and 80 mm diameter having three or four teeth and in fine-pitch specification between 50 mm and 80 mm with between four and six teeth.  

The Super ZX multi-layer coated inserts have a convex cutting edge to optimise the rigidity of the cutter set up and incorporate an integrated wiper which is an important feature to maintain improved levels of surface finish.  There are three styles of chipbreaker L, G and H.  The L style is 25 deg with low cutting force for light cuts, reduced burring and ideal for lower rigidity set ups.  G is for general purpose and interrupted milling cycles with a 20 deg angle and H with 15 deg angle is best applied in roughing cycles, heavier interrupted milling and for use on hardened steel.  

In addition there are three grades of Super ZX coating ACP 200, ACP 300 and ACK 300 which is an extremely hard lattice coating on a tough carbide substrate giving high efficiency cutting with extended tool life. ACP 200 is used for general machining of steel and die steel, ACP 300 for general to heavy duty machining of steel and stainless steel and ACK 300 for heavy cutting conditions involving cast iron and ductile irons.

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