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Rainford Precision Iwata Toglon Drills solve deep hole problem

Rainford Precision Iwata Toglon Drills solve deep hole problem

Added to MTDCNC by Rainford Precision on 27 October 2016

Drilling holes is taken for granted in many engineering companies, however there are lots of issues just waiting to bite the unsuspecting engineer and cause lost production time, scrap components, too many broken tools, burrs on entrance or break out that require additional operations. All this comes before considering the challenges thrown up by some modern materials.

Rainford Precision were invited to assist one company who had tried a number of competitors drills in trying to produce holes 2mm diameter by 65mm deep in a 40HRC steel. For some reason the customer had not been successful in getting good tool life (including breaking a number of drills) in his attempt to overcome producing holes in this specific material.

The engineers had ticked all the boxes to ensure the drills were presented to the material in the correct condition via a high quality machining centre with a spindle running true, good tool holders with the drill running concentric, correct feeds and speeds for the material and a good supply of coolant. Even with all the correct parameters in place, the holes proved to be a problem.

Rainford Precision offered the Iwata Toglon drill as a solution having proven the drill capabilities on much harder steels. The Toglon range is different to standard drills as it has a double drill point angle and negative rake. This makes it very suitable for hard steels up to 75HRC. For such a deep hole, the Toglon drill has a fairly short 12mm flute length and then a ground waist providing clearance for swarf with the benefit the back of the drill will not affect the hole tolerance.

While the exact drilling strategy remains a closely guarded secret, the important parameters include running the Toglon drill at 6,400rpm with a feed rate of 448mm/min and a pecking cycle at every 1.0mm. The customer is very happy with the value for money production being achieved and has since introduced the Toglon drill to a number of other products.

Providing solutions to material specific machining issues, especially drilling holes, is bread and butter to the engineers at Rainford Precision. When you next have a problem, try giving them a call. 

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