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Rainford Precision now distributer of HAM cutting tools

Rainford Precision now distributer of HAM cutting tools

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 04 February 2013

Rainford Precision is delighted to announce that it has now signed an agreement with Hartmetallwerkzeugfabrik Andreas Maier GmbH (HAM Tools, www.ham-tools.com) to distribute the cutting tools manufactured by this prestigious German manufacturer, who have established a reputation for quality throughout Europe.  The new range of HAM cutting tools will be the perfect complement to the existing range of products available from Rainford Precision.

The agreement between the two companies will see Rainford Precision increase its range of solid carbide drills and endmills. From a drilling perspective, the extensive HAM range will give Rainford customers access to the renowned HAM SuperDrill and MultiDrill series of solid carbide twist drills, spiral fluted drills and step-drills for machining universal workpiece materials, steels and hard materials up to 22 mm diameters. HAM have a series of deep hole drills available from 3xD to 40xD, most with through coolant capability to improve swarf evacuation which are popular with sliding head machine users.

For the drilling of stainless steel, titanium and heat resistant alloys, the HAM Nirodrill is available as well as a range of straight fluted multi-drills for machining aluminium and non-ferrous materials. For specialised applications, the Rainford based cutting tool specialist will be offering a selection of PCD drills and step-drills as well as solid carbide and Cermet reamers for specific demands. The technical expertise afforded to Rainford by this prestigious German manufacturer will enable Rainford to supply drills with points that are ground to unique geometries for high performance hole making in diverse materials and applications.

To complement the high performance drilling range, HAM will also be offering its renowned series of endmill products. With such an extensive product offering, Rainford will be focusing its attention on the 1 to 32 mm diameter range of standard endmills for machining anything from plastics through to hardened steels and aluminium alloys. Despite Rainford initially focusing its attention on the standard HAM series of milling products, this range does also incorporate roughing endmills for high material removal rates, ball nose and radius cutters for 3D profile machining and solid carbide endmills with multiple flute and cutting edge geometries and options. For more application and material specific requirements, Rainford Precision will be offering solid carbide cutters for countersinking, engraving and corner rounding as well as PCD endmills for high performance machining on aluminium alloys, graphite, composite and additional abrasive materials such as glass fibre composites.

With such an extensive selection of drilling and milling products available from the standard HAM catalogues, Rainford Precision is delighted with the new agency agreement. As Rainford Precision's Managing Director, Mr Arthur Turner comments: "The HAM range of products fits perfectly with our philosophy of providing the marketplace with cutting tool and machine tool solutions of the highest quality with exceptional technical support. Already working with renowned cutting tool manufacturers such as Union Tool and Kyocera Micro Tools; the HAM products fit perfectly into our portfolio and give our customers access to an extremely diverse range of cutting tools. This synergy between the product ranges will be a seamless fit for our technical team and will further enhance our position in delivering productive, cost effective cutting tool solutions to the end users."

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