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Raynor Tools invest in Deckle S11 Grinder..

Raynor Tools invest in Deckle S11 Grinder..

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 05 February 2014

Raynor Tools Ltd, based in Shropshire, are specialists in new tool manufacturing and CNC regrinding. For over 30 years they have supported clients across Shropshire, Staffordshire, the West and East Midlands, as well as Merseyside. Raynor Tools provide the highest standard of regrinding, sharpening and tool restoration, typically turning projects around within a one week time period.


With increased growth and an expanding client base, it was paramount to Raynor Tools that they continued to be able to offer the highest quality of service and standards of manufacture. Achieving this would allow them to be able to increase the opportunity for even greater levels of repeat business, whilst also being able to expand their new business opportunities.


The company turned to Michael Deckel GmbH, a leading designer and manufacturer of high precision and long-life tool grinding manchines. Raynor Tools invested in one Deckel S5 face grinding machine and one Deckel S11 high-speed tool grinding machine. The success of these machines lead to Raynor Tools to consider investment in a further Deckel S11 to meet even greater demands for their services and continued expansion plans.


Rob Scarlett, Director of Raynor Tools Ltd, recalls:


“I decided to purchase a second Deckel S11 machine to further increase capacity on small batch form tools, but to also allow us to train new operators and therefore retaining these core skills within the company.”


The Deckel S11 is designed for hard, workshop applications in the manual sector. The machine provides versatility by allowing operators to grind single tools and also large volumes, all at the same high precision levels and speed demanded by Raynor Tools.  Built into the machine is new video measuring equipment, which provides magnification from 25 to 170 times, which is essential when working on small batch form tools.


The two Deckel S11 grinding machines installed at Raynor Tools demonstrate extremely high levels of build quality, and coupled with the latest CAD based software for the video measuring equipment, they have allowed the company to increase the quality and accuracy of the form tools being manufactured and reground.

Investing in the additional Deckel S11 grinding machine has not only met the demand for increased small batch form tools, but it is a testament to Raynor Tools approach to developing their workforce by being able to expand their operators capability and engineering skills.


The foresight of Raynor has also meant that because they ensure that they have the newest and latest specification machines, they have safeguarded their ability to continuously grow and attract new business into the future.


Working within the demanding aerospace, pharmaceutical, rail and automotive industries, plus providing key services to sub-contract machine shops, they meet and exceed customer expectations because of the additional capacity they now have. Urgently needed tools are often returned sooner than the standard one-week turn around time.


Selecting the right grinding machine manufacturer was crucial for Raynor Tools. By working with Michael Deckel GmbH they are achieving their growth objectives, whilst not compromising the high quality and cost effective services they are well known for.


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