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Real-time SECO information at your fingertips!
Real-time SECO information at your fingertips!
Real-time SECO information at your fingertips!

Real-time SECO information at your fingertips!

Seco Tools has launched ‘My Pages’ - a powerful and easy-to-use digital (internet) portal that enables Seco staff and, more importantly, Seco customers to have fast, direct and reliable access to product information, cutting data and test reports.

The portal also allows orders to be placed, previous order history to be viewed and stock availability to be checked in real-time.

Not that long ago it wasn’t that uncommon for sales people to turn up at a customer’s facility weighed down with a bewildering number of product brochures and catalogues,  latest price lists,  presentations, enquiry and order forms etc.

As well being hernia-inducing for the sales person, this approach wasn’t that productive either, as a significant amount of time was wasted sifting through and searching for relevant information. Even if and when salient information was located the whole process usually involved further follow-up calls.

The situation got a little easier when companies ditched paper and print-based information and instead stored vast quantities of their data electronically using database management systems to access and retrieve it. The arrival of laptops and later smart phones and tablet devices made information access and retrieval even easier.

But, despite these obvious improvements problems still existed because different databases with different login protocols required the user to be able to hop between a myriad of different information sources.

This clearly took time and a fair amount of mental and manual dexterity too.

Then Seco designed and launched ‘My Pages’ and everything, according to Adrian Walker, Seco Tools UK’s Product Manager – Business Solutions, 'changed – for the better'.

Continues Adrian Walker:

'My Pages is a single entry point and a single sign-in digital (Internet-based) portal that can be accessed through a web-browser – Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Explorer 8-10 etc.

'It can be used by Seco staff, partners and customers to access, search and retrieve Seco information...anytime and anywhere via a smart phone, tablet or laptop, and is yet another example of Seco investing in and improving its services to customers.'

Customer benefits

With over 35,000 standard Seco products available to manufacturers, My Pages makes product searches less time-consuming and more accurate.

As well as enabling the correct identification of products MY PAGES can also be used to review previous orders and purchase history and, prior to placing new orders, check on current stock availability.  

The facility to place orders by seamlessly interfacing with Seco’s ‘On Line Store’ portlet is also possible and takes literally seconds to complete. Once orders are made they can be tracked in real-time too.

Drilling down into Seco’s product portlet allows customers to check an individual product’s technical specification and review the optimum machining parameters to use ((i.e. depths of cut, speeds and feeds etc.), to ensure they get the best and the most from the product in question.

My Pages can also be used by customers to help them select the optimum tooling solution because by simply completing a series of prompts e.g. material being machined; machining strategies and proposed cutting data to be employed etc., it will generate the most appropriate and effective Seco product.

Finally, through My Pages, users can access and take advantage of Seco’s popular and proven Threading Wizard software from anywhere in their facility and quickly generate CNC code for machining all types of threads. Once created the code can then be saved as a text file or sent directly to a machine’s CNC control using Bluetooth technology.

Concludes Adrian Walker:

'Manufacturers are busy and time spent trying to piece up information from a variety of different sources is unproductive and inefficient.

'My Pages is a Seco (digital) tool that provides manufacturers with all the information they need literally at their fingertips.'

Manufacturers can find out more about My Pages by visiting

Published on MTD CNC by on 17 April 2015

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