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Seco makes a telling adjustment to its 335.25 disc milling cutter range

Seco makes a telling adjustment to its 335.25 disc milling cutter range

Added to MTDCNC by Seco Tools (UK) Ltd on 23 June 2014

Seco has expanded its already successful range of fixed pocket 335.25 disc milling cutters with the introduction of a new line of 335.25 cutters with adjustable cutting widths from 21mm to 32mm (with size 14 inserts), and with diameters widths from 125mm to 315mm.

These latest arrivals will have a universal appeal as they are ideally-suited for a wide variety of milling applications.

The 335.25 adjustable pocket disc cutters feature a unique insert geometry and cutter design that helps reduce cutting forces and optimises chip flow which, together, deliver improved productivity, increased reliability and a reduction in noise.

In addition to providing superior performance in slotting operations, the new 335.25 range also ensures high productivity in back-facing, circular and helical interpolation, and plunging operations.

The cutter uses replaceable cassettes, making it quick and easy for users to accurately adjust the width of cut.

These cassettes feature a special coating for increased durability and are available in two different sizes that provide an optimised chip space and number of teeth (according to the cutter diameter) that helps deliver a more productive and reliable machining process.

The cutters’ inserts feature four cutting edges, that helps reduce the cost-per-part, with corner radii ranging from 0.8mm to 6mm, as well as an integrated wiper flat to deliver fine surface finishes – thereby eliminating the need for secondary operations.

A complete range of geometries and grades (MP2500, F40M, MK2050 and H25) makes the tool suitable for machining a wide range of materials.

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