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Seco and Edgecam 'Advanced Turning Solutions' Roadshows
Seco and Edgecam 'Advanced Turning Solutions' Roadshows

Seco and Edgecam 'Advanced Turning Solutions' Roadshows

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 26 May 2015

Seco Tools (UK) has reported that its recently-held series of ‘Everywhere You Turn’ Roadshows (run in conjunction with technical partner, Edgecam, during April and May 2015), were a huge success with over 80 delegates in total attending the three events in Alcester, Glasgow and Milton Keynes.

The Roadshows were used by both companies to help launch two new advanced and ground-breaking turning products into the market and were aimed at precision component manufacturers looking for the latest turning innovations and best-practice turning solutions.

For Seco the Roadshows provided the ideal platform to raise awareness and demonstrate the productivity- and performance-enhancing features and benefits of its new, next-generation Duratomic® insert technology for all steel and stainless steel turning applications.

The focus for Edgecam was on the company’s recently introduced Waveform CAD/CAM software – a high-speed roughing solution when turning precision parts.

All feedback from delegates who attended the Roadshows has been extremely encouraging and positive with comments, such as those made by a leading oil and gas Tier 1 supplier who stated that, '...the event I attended was very good and (as a consequence) we will be conducting our own Duratomic® trials in the very near future', being typical.

Says Seco’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Mike Fleming:

'I was delighted with the high attendance at all three events and by all delegates’ reaction and response to the new technologies presented.

'The Roadshows helped highlight the individual strengths of Duratomic® and Waveform as well as the incredible synergies that can be achieved when both are used together.

'The Roadshows’ format combining in-depth presentations and practical machining demonstrations worked well and captured the imagination of delegates...many of whom, I know, have requested Duratomic® inserts to trial and test at their own facilities.'

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