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Seco Double Octomill Cassette Cutter
Seco Double Octomill Cassette Cutter

Seco Double Octomill Cassette Cutter

Added to MTDCNC by Seco Tools (UK) Ltd on 09 December 2015

The new cassette cutters use Seco’s advanced pin-locating technology and high-speed steel pins to ensure fast, reliable and precise insert positioning and cassette pockets are adjustable to help virtually eliminate axial run out.


The Double Octomill Cassette Cutter incorporates Seco’s patented pocket design and features cassettes that are adjustable in the Z-axis or axial direction. Inserts can be mounted and setup in cassettes separately before they are assembled into the cutter body. Each individual cassette can then be adjusted as appropriate so that all cassettes are cutting on the same plane.


This exact insert positioning allows for increased feed rates and helps deliver excellent surface finishes and increased tool life.


Cassettes are combined with new close-pitch cutter bodies that accommodate Seco’s cost-effective Double Octomill inserts which are double-sided and provide a total of 16 cutting edges ensuring economy and productivity.


Double Octomill Cassette Cutters are available from 125 mm to 315 mm as standard. Larger sizes (up to 500 mm) can be supplied as customised solutions.


Cassettes have a modular design which means they can be changed and replaced quickly if damaged – negating the need to replace the entire cutter body.


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