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Seco introduces new range of 150.10 JETI parting-off blades to fit VDI turrets.

Seco introduces new range of 150.10 JETI parting-off blades to fit VDI turrets.

Added to MTDCNC by Seco Tools (UK) Ltd on 14 February 2017

Designed to help component manufacturers  achieve increased productivity, tool life and part quality by removing (more effectively) heat generated during high-speed parting-off operations, Seco’s 150.10-JETI system comprising parting-off blades and square shank blocks, has been further expanded to now include a new VDI block design.

Adapters directly hold 150.10-JETI parting-off blades in the VDI turret and ensure the delivery of high-pressure coolant to the cutting zone, without the use of hoses.

Coolant is delivered internally to the adapter via the turret and is then directed to the cutting zone through coolant holes located in the blades. This fast and direct transfer of coolant to the cutting edge, achieved by employing Seco’s advanced and proven Jetstream Tooling® technology, results in fast heat removal, improved chip evacuation and superior surface finishes.

The new 150.10-JETI range includes face mount adapters for VDI30, VDI40 and VDI50 turrets and star mount adapters for VDI25, VDI30 and VDI40 turrets. The adapters hold 20-mm and 25-mm HSS parting-off blades, and the range is also compatible with MDT reinforced blades.

Says Mike Fleming, Sales & Marketing Manager at Seco Tools UK:

“Working in conjunction, 150.10 JETI blades and adapters quickly and effectively remove heat build-up during parting-off operations, resulting in high levels of productivity, as well as long and predictable tool life.”

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