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Seco's new Duratomic insert technology

Seco's new Duratomic insert technology

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 11 May 2015

Seco Tools UK launched its new, next generation Duratomic insert technology into the market in April 2015.

The launch, spearheaded by a number of specific marketing activities, including road shows, customer seminars and presentations, and supported by a whole host of new materials (e.g. literature, videos, promotional give-aways etc.), created especially for what has been described as the biggest ‘global’ product launch in Seco’s history, all helped to raise awareness and generate interest amongst target audiences.

However, away from the hoopla and razzmatazz surrounding the launch, the most critical success factor concerning the future of the new Duratomic insert technology was always going to be about the performance of the three new grades out in the field, amongst precision component manufacturers looking to improve their productivity, performance and profitability.

Although still early days, all indications suggest that the new Duratomic grades’ performance is second to none and that the following experience of a precision sub-contractor based in the North East, is typical.

Explains Mark Quinn, Seco’s Area Business Manager North East:

'We were invited to trial our new Duratomic insert technology for a customer in the North East who was looking to increase tool life and improve swarf control in steel turning applications.'

From talking to the customer Seco proposed using the new (Duratomic) TP2501 grade for the machining trial which would involve external rough machining of 817M40T steel using a Mazak Nexus 350 turning centre.

Continues Mark Quinn:

'The customer had, prior to the machining trial, been using a competitor’s product employing the following cutting speeds, feeds and depth of cut (250m/min; 0.3mm/rev; Ap 3.5mm).

'By using the Duratomic TP2501 grade the customer was able to increase cutting data (specifically speed and feeds - 350m/min; 0.4mm/rev), whilst maintaining the same depth of cut.'

Furthermore in addition to delivering cycle time reductions, the tough and wear resistant TP2501 grade also increased part-per-edge productivity, (from 4 parts per edge to 10 parts per edge)...achieving an overall cost saving of 44%.'

Following such impressive performance the customer has asked Seco to undertake more extensive and widespread trials with a view to standardising their insert grade inventory and adopting Duratomic for all their steel turning requirements.

Concludes Mark Quinn:

'This is just one example of where a customer has seen our new Duratomic insert technology being put through its paces, and has been ‘bowled over’ with the results.

'The bottom line is that Duratomic delivers.'

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