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Secos 150.10 Jet blade parting-off solution

Secos 150.10 Jet blade parting-off solution

Added to MTDCNC by Seco Tools (UK) Ltd on 03 June 2014

Seco Tools UK, a leading supplier of complete machining solutions to the metal-cutting industry, has introduced a new blade for parting-off in turning operations that incorporates the company’s Jetstream Tooling Duo technology.

Called 150.10 JET, the blade features two high-pressure nozzles that direct coolant straight to the cutting zone – one jet from above the insert, and one from below.

The configuration delivers improved cooling performance over other methods such as flood coolant and, additionally, makes chips shorter and evacuates them from the cutting zone more effectively.

150.10 JET also helps improve tool life and productivity, and enables manufacturers to employ higher cutting speeds in parting-off operations when machining superalloys and stainless steels.

The new patented 150.10 JET blade is double-sided and is made of rigid high-speed steel and features rigidly-clamped inserts. It is available in two different sizes with several widths (from 2mm to 6.35mm) and can be combined with a broad range of grades and chip-breaker options that increase JET blade’s use and appeal.

150.10 JET blade in conjunction with Jetstream Duo technology, delivers a more reliable parting-off process.

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