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Well sorted with Seco
Well sorted with Seco
Well sorted with Seco
Well sorted with Seco

Well sorted with Seco

Added to MTDCNC by Seco Tools (UK) Ltd on 04 March 2014

Supplying the energy and essential chemicals that help power the world economy is a continuing battle between nature and man-made materials.

These materials, able to withstand extremes of temperature, corrosion, pressure, abrasion etc, and equally as exotic as those found in the aerospace and power generation sectors, play a critical role in ensuring the fast, safe and uninterrupted delivery of oil and gas from the wellhead to the consumer.

At some point these materials (i.e. Inconel, Monel, 4030/4040, Duplex stainless Steels etc), have to be machined into parts and components, and it is in this area where Seco Tools, a leading supplier of complete machining solutions to the metal-cutting industry, provides innovative and technically-advanced tooling and best-in-class support – both of which are essential for the future prosperity of the sector.

In short the oil and gas industry needs tools it can trust, that are designed to perform to exacting standards, and that are delivered on time and on budget.

'All', according to Mike Fleming, Seco’s Sales & Marketing Manager, 'are key strengths of Seco'.


Innovation has always been a hallmark of Seco’s milling range of products and oil and gas component manufacturers are able to take advantage of the company’s expertise in carbide grade development, coating technologies, edge geometries, cutter body design and application knowledge.

Cutters for helical interpolation, steep ramping, face milling, square shoulder, plunge milling, high speed machining and many more are available along with the expert advice needed for their successful use and application.

Turning & Threading

Seco, always at the cutting edge, is constantly improving its turning and threading cutting tool solutions.

An example of this is the company’s Duratomic coating technology that delivers high levels of insert toughness and wear resistance in the same grade which in turn opens a wider range of machining applications to manufacturers and a greater flexibility in cutting data.

It’s a similar situation with Seco’s standard and custom-designed threading solutions – all proven to ensure superior hydraulic seals in modern oil and gas components.


Seco’s hole-making range has expanded rapidly and provides all the tools and technology needed for oil and gas component manufacturing. The key to this area of machining is in achieving the correct balance between the cutting edge, grade and geometry and the material being machined.

For small diameter holes the company’s Feedmax range is difficult to beat, and for larger diameter holes its Crownloc® Plus and Perfomax® drills meet all demands for accuracy and performance.

Bifix®, Precifix and EPB complete the picture for reaming and boring operations.

Total Systems Solutions

As well as its standard product range Seco also has a number of other key strengths that have helped it increase market share in the oil and gas industry and achieve preferred partner status with a number of customers operating within the sector.

These include:

• Seco’s proprietary Productivity & Cost Analysis (PCA) software that enables Seco engineers to analyse and benchmark customers’ existing manufacturing processes, and identify where improvements can be made;

•  Seco’s new Technology Centre where the latest (advanced) CNC machine tools from Mazak, DMG Mori Seiki and GF Machining Solutions are used to trial and test new manufacturing/ machining processes for customers;

• Seco’s CET (Component Engineering Team) where turnkey and manufacturing process improvement solutions are designed and delivered to customers;

•  Seco’s Custom Tool facility where bespoke tooling solutions are designed and manufactured – usually following technical consultancy input provided by CET;

• Seco’s global network of application engineering experts who can assist, or even be co-opted into, project teams created to solve customer-specific manufacturing challenges and problems.

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