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After over 50 years at its current site Seco Tools is moving

After over 50 years at its current site Seco Tools is moving

After over 50 years at its current site Seco Tools is moving to pastures new...a few hundred metres away.

Alcester-based Seco Tools (UK), the leading manufacturer and supplier of carbide cutting tools and tooling systems solutions is relocating to its new modern, spacious and state-of-the-art 30,000 sq ft facility in November 2012.

Location wise Seco’s new facility at Springfield Business Park, Alcester might only be a stone’s throw away from the company’s current site where it has been trading for over 50 years but, in terms of look, style and feel, it truly is light years away.

Commenting on the new facility move Seco Tools (UK)’s Managing Director, Richard Jelfs says:

“We began this journey over 3 years ago and, after much hard work by everyone involved, are now looking forward to settling into our new environment.

“The new facility represents a significant investment for an important milestone in our long and illustrious history and both reflects and reinforces our position as one of the UK’s leading, dynamic and most innovative cutting tool solutions providers.”

The new facility has been specially designed to highlight a number of Seco strengths – one of the most important of these being the company’s in-house manufacturing capabilities and capacity.

Continues Mr Jelfs:

“One of the first things customers and visitors will see when they enter the reception will be our production and custom tool manufacturing areas. This is deliberate because we want all visitors to understand from the outset that we are a leading manufacturing specialist... producing state-of-the-art tooling... using advanced manufacturing technologies.”

At a time when many cutting tool providers have chosen to sub-contract out their manufacturing operations, Seco, by comparison has, through its continued investment in advanced milling and turning machine tools and related technologies, made manufacturing a corner stone of its added value, customer-focused offering.

In addition to the visible positioning of Seco’s manufacturing operations, the new facility also provides Seco employees with, what is described as, ’an agile working environment’.

Enclosed workspaces have been kept to a minimum in favour of open spaces and break-out areas. There’s also a 120-seat auditorium, a spacious staff canteen, a garden area and a gym.

The emphasis throughout is on supporting and facilitating new ways of working and on creating different, dynamic and exciting working environments for staff, customers, partners etc.

Writ large across the design and construction of the new facility are a number of Seco corporate values. These include the following:

Family Spirit:

Creating open and friendly working environments where people trust and respect each other and where ideas and knowledge are shared.

Passion for Customers:

Identifying with customers and understanding their needs in order to design and deliver mutually profitable win: win relationships.

Individual Responsibility:

Empowering all staff and allowing them the freedom and responsibility to develop new ideas and approaches, and to create new opportunities for growth and success.

The new building therefore isn’t just about bricks and mortar – impressive as these are. Instead as Mr Jelfs stresses it’s about “providing the right environment for our people to do (indeed strut) their stuff”.

He continues:

“We are in an industry that is very product-centric, but without highly-motivated, committed people that enjoy coming to work every day and who are prepared to go the extra mile we are nothing.  It’s a binary equation...happy and content employees translate into happy and content customers which in turn results in a strong, growing business.”

The new facility provides the ideal platform to help Seco achieve its ambitious and aggressive market share and sales growth plans and targets by the end of 2014.

With strong sales already reported in 2010 and 2011 and with 2012 (year to date) set to be one of the company’s best ever years – Seco is well on track.

The move to the new facility is an important stepping stone enabling Seco to surpass its growth objectives ahead of schedule.

Published on MTD CNC by on 03 December 2012

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