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Seco's customer magazine 'Making the Grade'
Seco's customer magazine 'Making the Grade'

Seco's customer magazine 'Making the Grade'

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 15 April 2015

Third edition of Seco’s customer magazine ‘Making the Grade’ with a special six page feature on the company’s new next generation Duratomic® insert technology launch, is out now!

Seco Tools UK, a leading supplier of complete machining solutions to the metal-cutting industry, has just published the third edition of its popular customer magazine, ‘Making the Grade’.

This edition, focused on continuous improvement within Seco, contains specific features on ‘MY PAGES’, a new, powerful and simple to use digital portal designed to provide customers with fast and easy access to Seco’s product information, cutting data and test reports.

The edition also includes an update on the company’s new Steadyline range of anti-vibration tool holders; a review of Seco’s highly successful ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ Open House that took place last year – the format of which will be replicated for the 2015 event (September 23rd – 24th 2015); and an insightful article on LIFE (Little Improvements from Everyone) – an innovative and comprehensive internal continuous improvement programme being introduced soon.

However, pride of place in Making the Grade Volume 3 goes to Seco’s new, next generation Duratomic® insert technology, with a special six page feature celebrating its launch.

Says Mike Fleming, Seco’s Sales & Marketing Manager:

'Duratomic® is big news for us and for customers. The launch, in April 2015, will see three new turning grades (for all steel turning applications) being introduced simultaneously into the global market and is the biggest product launch ever in Seco’s history.'

The original Duratomic® technology, first introduced by Seco in 2007, has been remarkably successful with over 100,000,000 inserts sold.

The new, next generation Duratomic® technology is more reliable and productive than its predecessor, and Seco is confident that it will be just as successful as the original.

‘Making the Grade’ is available in hard copy and digital formats. It can be viewed online by visiting www.secotools.com/static/uk/TheGrade/2015_03/index.html and hard copies are available from Nicki Adams at Seco Tools UK.

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