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WNT’s polygon shank adapters open up customer choice

WNT’s polygon shank adapters open up customer choice

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 20 May 2014

With the arrival of its range of Polygon Shank Adapters WNT has opened up the market for this style of cutter/machine interface. The WNT range is fully compatible with existing polygon-style systems and gives customers a viable alternative when ing toolholding for their machine tools.

Covering all aspects of machining from tapping, drilling, milling and turning, with a wide variety of tool connections to from, with driven toolholders also an option, the WNT Polygon Shank Adapters are manufactured to the highest standards, with the taper/face connection guaranteeing repeatability of +/- two micron. The system also comes with the added benefit of the interface being free of axial and radial play, and also being self centering. By virtue of the manufacturing tolerances and design, the WNT Polygon Shank Adapters also have very high rigidity and bending strength, the main advantage of which is the high levels of transmittable torque stability and the resistance against radial forces acting on the tool under heavy load. The result is much greater cutting data can be applied without adversely effecting component quality or machine tool stability.

For radial tools, such as mills, drills and taps the WNT range includes holders for cylindrical, Weldon, shrink fit and collet type connections as well as the conventional facemill and shell mill adapters. Or turning and boring applications there is a wide choice of toolholders as well as a ion of blanks from which customers can either manufacture their own specials or request non-standard tools from WNT.  Standard features across the range include positional indentation to allow precise location inserts and centre heights, grooves for automatic toolchanging, a location for the optional tool data chip, and the facility for internal coolant supply.

The WNT Polygon Shank Adapters are available in 32, 40, 50, 63 or 80 mm sizes, which is in line with existing machine tool builder specifications and the full range will be featured in the new WNT catalogue, which will be sent to existing customers early June. For those not already customers of WNT a copy of the catalogue can be requested by e-mailing orders@wnt.com.       

'For too long users of polygon-style tooling have been greatly restricted in their ability to source toolholders and turning tools. With the extensive range that WNT has now introduced, the choice for customers is much greater, and they will also benefit from the WNT delivery promise, as every item in the Polygon Shank Adapter range will be held in stock for next day delivery if ordered before 18:30,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK)

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