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NTK develops toolholders for sliding head turning centres
NTK develops toolholders for sliding head turning centres

NTK develops toolholders for sliding head turning centres

Added to MTDCNC by NTK Cutting Tools on 29 June 2014

To fully optimise all tooling positions and maximise the potential of sliding head turning centres, NTK Cutting Tools has now developed its new DS line of toolholders and sleeves.  The key feature of this new innovation is its ability to enable the end user to use turning tools in the vacant drilling sleeves, thereby significantly increasing the number of turning tool positions available.

The innovative new DS Line from the leading Japanese cutting tool manufacturer is an extremely flexible tooling system that allows the customer to conduct face, front and back turning as well as parting, grooving and profiling. Furthermore, with its ability to increase tooling positions, the DS line can drastically reduce set-up times and minimise the tool changeover requirements.
The DS tooling system has an adjusting screw on the top of the toolholder that raises or lowers the insert with a height adjustment of +/-0.2mm.   With an adjustment screw that is easily accessible from the top of the toolholder, the DS - ACH range allows customers to adjust centre height whilst the tools are in the turning centre.

The DS turning line is available with a variety of toolholder designations that include the DS-SDU, DS-SDX, DS-SCL, DS-PTX, DS-SVX and DS-SVVP. The respective cutters have a clearance angle of 93, 96, 100, 99 and 72 degrees respectively. The round shank tool bodies are provided in diameters from 14 to 25.4mm to enhance rigidity, insert life and surface finishes. With a vast selection of insert geometries available, the NTK DS line is the ideal choice for anything from rough to finish turning on a wide variety of material types.

Furthermore, with insert grades such as NTK's renowned ZM3, VM1, QM3, DT4, TM4, KM1 and PD1 available, the exciting DS line can deliver high performance turning on a wide range of materials that include steel, stainless steel, cast iron, inconel and additional hard to machining aluminium alloys.

To further extend the remarkable set-up times and productivity benefits derived from the DS Turning Series, NTK has now extended its line of DS Sleeves that prevent chips and coolant entering the sleeve holder. The innovative new DS Sleeve line extends tool life of the DS turning line by preventing swarf and coolant entering the toolholder, which can cause premature tool breakages. The flexible new sleeve system has a 22mm attachment that will work with most turning centres and sliding head lathes whilst the front end has a 16mm diameter hole to accomodate the DS toolholders.

With the new DS turning line that includes a vast array of insert grades and geometries, a selection of toolholder types for all external turning applications and the new sleeve system; NTK has developed a complete turning system that can meet all the demands of the turning sector with regard to external turning. For further information, please contact your local NTK representative on Tel: 01442 281072

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