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Solid carbide SDP drilling solution for 3 mm and 12 mm diameter

Solid carbide SDP drilling solution for 3 mm and 12 mm diameter

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 13 September 2012

Pre-launch trials on 100Crb (bearing steel) flanged components against the incumbent tooling supplier producing 12.2 mm holes through 34 mm thick material recorded a doubling of tool life from the benchmark 2,800 to well over 5,000 parts.  The highly successful trial, involving the latest development from the Sumitomo SumiDrill Power-Series, the SDP Type drill, was set to the original proven customer speeds and feed settings of 92 m/min, 0.1 mm/rev feed. 

Sumitomo’s SumiDrill SDP Power-Series is launched in the UK for general purpose applications having totally new geometry and features the inclusion of a new high lubricity coating.  The highly lubricious PCX 70 coating has a hard and tough multi-layer to maximise wear resistance while introducing extremely low levels of adhesion to withstand higher rates of penetration with minimal formation of built-up edge.

Now available to suit a wide range of materials from hardened steel up to 45 HRC, cast iron and free cutting steels as well as aluminium and copper through Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal based in Princes Risborough, the solid carbide SDP Type drills provide an all-round drilling solution for holes between 3 mm and 12 mm diameter with hole depths of 3xD and 5xD as standard plus up to 7xD to special order.  All drills have through-the-tool coolant feed. 

Significant in the development of the SumiDrill SDP Type is the curved cutting edge to the lip of the tool combined with positive geometry and an obtuse 140 deg point angle.  This combination requires a low cutting force and is thus very suitable for use with lower spindle power and creates a more compact chip formation making swarf evacuation easier. 

The incorporation of Sumitomo’s ‘double margin’ concept , where the periphery of the drill body is relieved to create more than one margin on each land of the leading edge and heel of the tool adjacent to the 30 deg helix angle fluting, reduces the contact area of the tool with the material being processed.  It also helps optimise tool stability during the cutting cycle when using higher penetration rates thus creating an improved process and more consistent level of hole accuracy. 

The introduction of the Sumi-Power low friction, high lubricity PCX 70 AlCrTin anti-adhesion multi-layer coating, gives users new orders of improved wear resistance to a general purpose drilling application enabling up to twice the life that is achievable with competitor drill types. This is most advantageous when drills are run at high penetration feed rates.

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