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ITC To Show New Cutting Tools at Southern Manufacturing 2014

ITC To Show New Cutting Tools at Southern Manufacturing 2014

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 09 December 2013

Continuing its evolution as the leading UK manufacturer of solid carbide & HSS cutting tools, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will once again be demonstrating its expertise at the Southern Manufacturing exhibition in Farnborough from 12th to 13th of February 2014. The innovative cutting tools introduced to the marketplace in its new Slimline catalogue will be the centrepiece of the company’s exhibition Stand N94 at the Southern Manufacturing Show.

The show will present another opportunity for ITC to highlight the benefits of the Widia range of solid carbide and HSS endmills and drills in the ITC Slimline catalogue. The technical engineering team from ITC will be present at the event to demonstrate how the Tamworth manufacturer can improve productivity, tool life and component quality whilst reducing tooling costs, cycle times and inventory requirements.

At the show, the new high performance VariMill solid carbide four flute end mills for the high speed and high feed milling of steel, cast iron, high temperature alloys and hard materials will be demonstrated alongside general purpose solid carbide end mills from the Widia range. With a ion of end mills for rough to finish machining a multitude of material types, the diverse cutters are provided with a number of geometries, cutting edges, flute angles and tool lengths and diameters to optimise machining performance regardless of material type.

Also in the Slimline catalogue and destined to make an impact at the show will be the VariDrill range of solid carbide drills available in 3XD, 5XD and 8XD. With an advanced point geometry design that offers the ultimate solution in multi-purpose drilling, the VariDrill is ideal for use on a variety of materials with extended tool life credit to reduced chipping on the cutting edges.

The VariDrill has delivered astounding results in the marketplace since its recent introduction and this is down to the combination of a margin-less geometry design that evenly distributes cutting forces and a core design that promotes free chip flow and evacuation. This stabilises the cutting forces to reduce friction, heat, chip jamming and scratching, thereby improving the hole quality and finish far beyond the realms of competitor drills. With an extremely precise shank to reduce run-out and through coolant options, the VariDrill offers the complete high performance drill for all material types in all industry sectors.

Completing the round-up of new products at the show will be the new VariTap. Fresh from its world premiere at EMO in September, the new VariTap has been created to deliver thread making performance criteria that can match the astounding results achieved by the VariMill and VariDrill products from Widia.

The one key difference from ITC and its competitors at the Southern Manufacturing Show will be the company's ability to manufacture specialised tooling solutions at short lead times from its UK manufacturing facility. Whereas most cutting tool manufacturers import specialised products from abroad with lengthy lead-times; a key USP for ITC is having a UK based technical team that can conduct bespoke projects and manufacture solutions at its Midlands based headquarters.

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