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New Taps for Stainless Steel from ITC

New Taps for Stainless Steel from ITC

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 14 October 2012

With the UK's most extensive range of tapping and threading products, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is delighted to announce the arrival of its new stainless steel series of GTD tapping products. Now offering the largest and most diverse range of thread making products available in the UK, ITC can provide drills, taps, threadmills, thread formers and tapping heads for all applications and industry sectors. The ability to offer solutions for industry and application specific issues is demonstrated by the new range of GTD taps solely for the threading stainless steel components.

For the threading of through holes in steel and stainless steel, ITC is now introducing the GTD2001 and GTS2005 series of taps. The GTD2001 and GTD2005 spiral point series of taps are manufactured from a HSSE-PM material that is TiCN coated to improve tool life and performance. With overall dimensions to DIN371/376 with a 6HX tolerance, both series deliver impeccable thread quality and form. The GTD2001 is available from M3 to M20 with an overall length from 56 to 140mm whilst the 'through coolant' option is available from M5 to M12 to improve chip removal and extend tool life for customers with through coolant machine tools.

Specifically for the threading of difficult to machine 300 Series Stainless Steels, the GTD2005 range of taps are TiN coated with a lubricious layer of Chromium Carbide Carbon. This TiN +CcC/C coating delivers performance parameters far beyond anything available from competitor products. Like the GTD2001 series, the GTD2005 is available from M3 to M20 with a through coolant option from M5 to M12. Both the GTD2001 and GTD 2005 have an optimal lead-in with a left hand helix, as left hand helix taps are far stronger and promote improved cutting action. This enables the GTD2001 and GTD2005 range to operate at speeds beyond that of alternate taps.

For the threading of blind holes in stainless steel, ITC can now offer its exciting new GTD2003 and GTD2007 range of taps. The two new series compliment the through hole tapping ranges for stainless steel. The spiral flute blind hole taps are available from M3 to M20 with through coolant taps available from M5 to M12. The ability of through coolant taps to remove swarf from blind holes can improve tool life from 3 to 5 times. Unlike the GTD2003 taps, the GTD2007 series offers the lubricious Chromium Carbide Carbon layer for threading particularly difficult stainless steels.

To provide the ideal environment for high quality and extremely accurate tapping, ITC can offer its impressive new range of VDS drills. The solid carbide drilling range is available in 3XD and 5XD options with diameter increments increasing by 0.1mm. Like the GTD tapping range where customers demand the utmost in productivity, the VDS drills are available with or without through coolant. For further details on the extensive range of tapping and threading products, please view the 'Tapping & Threading Catalogue' on the ITC website at www.itc-ltd.co.uk. For customers demanding solutions to specific threading issues, please contact ITC's new holemaking and threading expert, Mr Andy Boyles at 01827 304500.

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