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Stampede for TaeguTec's New Rhino Insert Grade

Stampede for TaeguTec's New Rhino Insert Grade

Added to MTDCNC by Taegutec on 01 November 2016

The popular TaeguTec turning line has now been extended with the arrival of the new V-Type turning inserts with an innovative ML chipbreaker design. The RhinoRush grade of TaeguTec inserts now incorporates this V-Type insert for the high speed turning of steel, stainless and hardened steel, gray cast iron, aluminium alloys and high temperature alloys. 

The new ML chipbreaker on the V-Type inserts is ground for impeccable precision and edge sharpness that reduces the cutting forces and the built up edges that are commonplace when machining many material types. By reducing the cutting forces and the resulting built-up edges, the new RhinoRush V-Type inserts deliver impressive tool life and surface finish results. 

The sharp new insert line is a double sided negative type ground insert that provides customers with more cutting edges per insert and consequently a better cost-per-insert economy rate. Furthermore, this sharp-edge design and chip breaking geometry make the new RhinoRush V-Type particularly impressive on aluminium alloys and high temperature alloys that demonstrate particularly adhesive characteristics. 

Suitable for machining at depths of cut up to 1.5mm with cutting speeds beyond 40m/min, the negative 35 degree rhombic insert line is currently available with TaeguTec's PVD coated TT5080 grade and also the highly regarded uncoated K10 insert grade for machining cast iron, titanium alloys and other high temperature alloys.

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