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GND grooving tools provide high stability to turning applications

GND grooving tools provide high stability to turning applications

Sumitomo Hardmetal has extended the application range of its GND grooving tools to provide high stability turning applications involving external, internal and face machining that can be applied across a wide range of materials including free cutting, alloy and stainless steels, cast iron and brass.

Following the initial launch of the Sumitomo SEC-GND range in 2012, the ability to increase productivity, tool life and machining efficiency based on the design of the high rigidity single piece construction tool holders has provided the benefits of reducing the onset of vibration by some 30 per cent compared to more conventional grooving tooling.  In addition, by reducing chatter, which leads to poor surface finish and premature failure of the cutting insert, further gains can be made from using the GND range of tools.  

With the expansion of the GND range, coated inserts are now available for external turning and copying, grooving and part-off, internal grooving, boring and profiling as well as supporting feature machining on the face of components involving turning, grooving and copying.

External turning and copying using Sumitomo’s SEC-GNDM straight and GNDMS-L-style holders will accommodate inserts having groove widths between 3 mm and 8 mm and to meet groove depths of up to 18 mm while the GDL straight and GNDLS-L-style holders for grooving and part-off will take insert widths between 2 mm and 8 mm and are able to accommodate groove depths up to 25 mm.  

Meanwhile, for internal feature machining the GNDI holders will accommodate groove widths between 2 mm and 6 mm having depths up to 11 mm and on component face type applications, the GNDF type of holder provides grooving, turning and profiling using insert widths from 3 mm to 6 mm to groove depths up to 23 mm.  

For the SEC-GND/GNDM/GNDL and GNDLS external tool range there are six types of chipbreaker inserts now available.  For general purpose turning, the MG type is used.   However, to optimise chip management at very low feed rates which can prove difficult for swarf control, the ML type is best applied.  For grooving and part-off a general purpose insert GG is available but again to cater for low feed rate conditions GL is available and CG is ideal for part-off operations.  General purpose copying and profiling can best be served by the RG type of insert.  

Internal turning grooving and copying Sumitomo’s SEC-GNDI/GNDF tooling has the MG insert for general turning and ML for low feed work, while GG should be first choice when grooving, GL for low feed cutting and RG for copying applications.

Published on MTD CNC by on 22 April 2013

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