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Sumitomo Endmills under GSX Banner ideal for Wide Applications

Sumitomo Endmills under GSX Banner ideal for Wide Applications

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 23 July 2012

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal has developed a range of solid carbide endmills and slot drills combining an original design of flute shape, and a large rake angle with optimised helix angle. In addition an expanded pocket area promotes better chip evacuation and the tools have the added advantage of Sumitomo&rsquos long life Super ZX multi-layer nano coating.

The GSX Solid Endmill series covers diameters between 0.2 mm to 30 mm with between two and four teeth and in four flute lengths between 1.5 D to 4 D enabling use in a wide array of applications. Tool types include endmill and slotdrill, ball-mill and anti-vibration cutters with either square or radius forms (round land).

Across the range, the fine carbide substrate is the foundation for high orders of toughness with excellent resistance against thermal shock and high transverse rupture strength. This ensures improved in-cut reliability under wet cutting applications on alloy, stainless steel, heat resisting alloys and titanium. By combining the Sumitomo developed Super ZX multi-layer TiAiN/AlCrN coating, giving a 40 per cent improvement in hardness and with the addition of chromium ensures excellent resistance to oxidation. Cutting speeds can also be increased by up to 1.5 times and tool life doubled against conventional grades.

Within the range the GSX Ball Mill with two teeth is available between 0.4 mm and 30 mm diameter. It has a large helix angle to reduce friction under cut and the expanded pocket area enables high chip evacuation across a range of materials from soft to hardened steels.

GSX Anti-Vibration endmills with four teeth are available in square or radius versions. The tools have optimised irregular pitch and lead to significant delays to the onset of vibration and chatter. Lower cutting forces are required due to the tool design allowing higher speed and feed rates to be maintained. The rounded land versions also contribute to obtaining higher surface quality in the component being processed.

There are two versions of slot drill for multi-purpose applications, with the GSX having a sharp corner to the three flute cutter for drilling and milling applications. The tool is also perfect for use on thin sheets of material and on smaller machining centres and milling machines.

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