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Sumitomos Exchangeable Head Endmill Series

Sumitomos Exchangeable Head Endmill Series

A family of 35 different exchangeable head endmills and a series of 16 carbide and four steel arbours is introduced by Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal providing high orders of versatility and operational security with lower cost associated with a modular series of mix-and-match capability of heads and shanks to perfectly suit the application.

Carbide arbours are available from 15 mm diameter by 120 mm long to 32 mm diameter by 300 mm long.  The additional stability of the 16 carbide shanks for applications up to 6xD such as mould and die and pocketing, reduces chatter and any amplitude of vibration.  With the longer reach capability, any runout, when compared to conventional steel arbours, is reduced to provide more stable and precise milling cycles with the resulting improved tool life. 

Meanwhile, high levels of durability are a benefit in the four alloy steel arbours from 16 mm diameter by 120 mm long to 32 mm diameter by 200 mm long which are also protected by a hard surface treatment. 

There are three types of interchangeable head endmills each with easy to change screw-on-heads, WEX Wave Mill is a multi-purpose square endmill, WRCX Wave Radius and MSX an ultra-high feed metal slash endmill. 

The WEX 90 deg style head is ideal for roughing and finishing, pocketing, helical boring, slot shoulder milling and ramp milling and is available in cutter diameters from 16 mm to 40 mm with between two and six teeth. 

The WRCX provides a durable application for roughing including face milling, ramping, slotting, helical boring and 3-D interpolation widely used in mould and die machining.  The WRCX 08000M is available in 20 mm with two teeth, or 25 mm with three teeth to accommodate up to 4 mm depth-of-cut.  WRCX 10000 in diameters 25 to 32 mm with two and three teeth is ideal for 5 mm and 6 mm depth-of-cut and WRCX 12000 in 40 mm diameter and four teeth for depths up to 6 mm.  Inserts can be 16 corner or round button types. 

Sumitomo’s MSX high-feed cutter heads have air holes to enable  greater evacuation of chips in ramping, facing and helical boring and are able to take smaller depths of cut at very high feed rates. 

Sumitomo’s Super FF and Super ZX inserts for use in the exchangeable heads are available for steel, grey cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

Published on MTD CNC by on 25 February 2013

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