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TaeguTec -  a 'positive insert' at MACH
TaeguTec -  a 'positive insert' at MACH
TaeguTec -  a 'positive insert' at MACH
TaeguTec -  a 'positive insert' at MACH

TaeguTec - a 'positive insert' at MACH

Added to MTDCNC by Taegutec on 28 April 2016

TaeguTec's much anticipated return to MACH had a number of reasons to be celebrated; it's the company's Centenary year and it was the first time to be back at MACH in a decade. But the real celebration was the astounding lead generation, the signing of a long term tooling supply contract and the well received introduction of new product innovations. 

As the first return to MACH in a decade, every product on the TaeguTec stand was making its MACH debut and show visitors were bowled over by the level of technology and innovation on the stand of the Korean cutting tool manufacturer. The TaeguTec team were keen to promote the benefits of its extensive milling range that includes the new MillRush, ChaseMill Power, Chase2Mill and the Chase Hepta milling line. Other recent innovations introduced at MACH include the Drill Rush, TopDrill, T-Drill and TwinRush from the drilling line and the TopMini, RhinoRush, T-Turn and TurnRush from the turning stable. 

Whilst these products were seen for the first time at MACH, they have long been breaking the boundaries of tool life, productivity and performance in the marketplace. At MACH, this was emphatically enforced by JJ Hardy, a large subcontract manufacturer from Hartlepool that signed a two-year contract with TaeguTec to supply cutting tools. Working in conjunction with TaeguTec distributor Alliance Tooling, a program of continuous improvement will be undertaken to drive down tooling and production costs whilst improving cycle times. Commenting upon the new agreement, JJ Hardy Managing Director, Mr Andrew Pailor says: "After using our existing tooling supplier for over 24 years, we felt the progression of tooling developments had stagnated and we needed to up the ante to maximise our productivity. The package offered by TaeguTec and Alliance Tooling is certainly going to drive us forward."

Discussing the deal signed at MACH, TaeguTec UK General Manager, Mr John Conlon says: "JJ Hardy is a very well respected company in the rail, automotive and oil & gas sectors. The daily workload for JJ Hardy is volume production of cast iron components and this is where TaeguTec excels. Korea is a world leader in cast iron machining, whether its the world's largest shipyards or automotive plants, TaeguTec has unparalleled expertise on cast iron through supporting the world leading OEMs. JJ Hardy is already reaping the rewards of our 90degree ChaseMill; and with volume production, it's easy to quantify the benefits we are already delivering. The first tool applied by Alliance Tooling at JJ Hardy is saving over £10,000 per year on a single job on just one machine. This immediately justified the customer's choice and the confidence from this first job is why they came to MACH to sign an agreement."

"Aside from this success story, MACH reaped huge rewards for TaeguTec. Our lead generation was very positive and the feedback we had from show visitors has given our sales engineers an overwhelming number of companies to follow up. After this success, we'll definitely be returning in two years time."

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