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TaeguTec Stampedes Through Parting Operations With New Rhino Series

TaeguTec Stampedes Through Parting Operations With New Rhino Series

Added to MTDCNC by Taegutec on 23 March 2017

TaeguTec has now introduced its new RhinoGroove turning series of indexable inserts for parting off and grooving operations.

The new RhinoGroove line incorporates an insert design with a reduced length that optimises cutting conditions when conducting shallow depth-of-cut grooving and parting. The new design enhances stability and reduces vibration, which is further enhanced by the powerful insert clamping design.

Offered in TaeguTec's TT9080, TT7220 and TT8020 grades with both C and J type chipbreakers, the new RhinoGroove Series is a complete all-rounder that can be applied to low alloy steel, cast and free cutting steel, stainless steel, gray and malleable cast iron, high temperature alloys and titanium alloys. Additionally, the C type chip breaker is suited to medium to high feed machining on hard materials and difficult applications whereas the J-type chipbreaker is better applied to soft materials, small diameters and thin walled parts at low to medium feed rates.

The new RhinoGroove insert line is available with right and left hand toolholder designations with 12, 16, 20 and 25mm square shanks for application in everything from small part turning on sliding head turning centres to large robust turning applications. 

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