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TERAspeed coating on indexible inserts

TERAspeed coating on indexible inserts

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 10 September 2014

If you are interested in cutting tools that provide extremely high cutting speeds and extremely low wear and tear, LMT has the answer with its new TERAspeed coating for indexible inserts.
The new coating technology allows users to benefit from record cutting speeds and tool life when machining cast materials. This innovation offers a dramatic increase in cost-effectiveness as a result of a major breakthrough in coating technology. LMT claim the new TERAspeed is the world’s first AlTiN coating to be deposited using a CVD process.

The demands being made on machine tools are steadily increasing with challenging new materials being introduced and the trend toward minimal lubrication or dry machining, both result in higher tool temperatures than wet cutting. Cutting tool manufacturers are responding with new high-performance coatings optimized to withstand the high levels of stress. Whilst coating systems based on AlTiN (aluminium titanium nitride) have proved ideal characteristics for machining steel and cast iron, the issue lies with the PVD process used. This is because the thermal resistance of this process is limited to 900 degrees.

Using an innovative new CVD technology, the coatings experts at LMT alliance partner Boehlerit have succeeded in significantly raising this limit for the first time. The result is a CVD-AlTiN coating called TERAspeed, which demonstrates far higher resilience during uninterrupted cutting. TERAspeed is exceptional because of its hardness of roughly 3,500HV. Furthermore, an aluminium content of over 90% guarantees a high thermal resistance of up to 1,100 degrees Celsius working temperature. 'The combination of the coating system and the CVD technology is decisive for performance. AlTiN provides toughness and temperature stability, while CVD provides extremely high adhesion and a uniform distribution of coating thickness on cutting and open areas. We are simultaneously using the advantages of both technologies with the new coating,' explains Reinhard Pitonak, coatings expert and project manager at Boehlerit.

Up to 200% performance increases

The advantage for the customer is obvious. The hardness and thermal resistance allow the use of significantly higher cutting parameters than would be possible with the PVD-AlTiN coatings currently available. Workpieces can be processed much faster without any negative impact on process reliability and production costs are dramatically reduced. Trial applications have resulted in huge performance hikes. With face milling material removal is increased by 100% compared to using other grades and removal rates are increased by 200% in step milling applications. 'You could say that the cutting speed achieved using indexible inserts with the new coating reaches the ‘tera scale’, which is where the name TERAspeed came from,' explains Jana Siouzou, product manager at LMT Fette.

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