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LMT Introduces New 'Nanosphere Red' Coated Tools

LMT Introduces New 'Nanosphere Red' Coated Tools

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 02 August 2015

The new LMT Nanosphere Red coating for solid carbide cutters has passed all industrial trials with flying colours and its significantly increasing the tool life of LMT cutting tools used on hardened materials.

When machining hardened materials customers demand maximum machine running times, extended tool life and high cutting and feed rates, LMT's Nanosphere Red achieves all this. The Nanosphere Red is a coating developed by LMT for solid carbide cutters. Its two-layer nano-structured design promises significantly increased performance.

"The market is demanding increasingly higher performance,’’ explains Jana Siouzou, project manager for cutting tools at LMT. However, the parameters tool developers have to work with always remain the same: geometry, cutting material and coating. These need to be perfectly matched if the tool is to achieve the highest possible performance. Although geometries and cutting materials still hold a certain potential for performance increases, it is coatings that are currently providing real quantum leaps in performance. The name Nanosphere Red refers to the nano-structured multilayer configuration and the red colour of the coating.

‘’Conventional coatings either fail or don’t do the cutting job properly so that users end up with rejects. Our new coating offers a powerful alternative – as our practical trials with customers in the die and mould making, automotive and plant engineering sectors have clearly demonstrated.’’

Nanosphere Red’s secret lies in its multilayer nano-structured composition and the use of silicon. ‘’The multilayer structure of the coating makes the coating tougher,” explains Philipp Immich, coating developer at LMT Fette. ‘’This structure prevents the inevitable micro-cracks spreading in the cutting edges. This means the tool is better protected against wear and achieves a significantly longer tool life than conventional coatings.’’

Additionally, the developers have increased the coating’s red hardness. ‘’The silicon is responsible for that. In the coating, it fuses seamlessly with the structure of titanium, aluminium and nitrogen, in effect transferring its temperature stability to the coating.’’ As a result, Nanosphere Red can be used at temperatures of up to 1,100 degrees Celsius, while conventional aluminium-nitride coatings stop working at 850 degrees Celsius. These positive effects benefit a new generation of solid carbide cutters that have been especially designed for machining materials hardened to between 54 and 68 HRC. Nanosphere Red thus offers users longer tool life and allows them to use more demanding cutting parameters. The new Nanosphere Red coating is available on LMT's solid carbide cutters with diameters from 1 to 20mm.

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