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High-speed trochoidal milling strategies from ITC

High-speed trochoidal milling strategies from ITC

As machine tools increasingly improve with stronger high-torque motors, multi-axis spindles and better rigidity plus the ever improving machining strategies of CAD/CAM systems,  Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is now introducing high-speed trochoidal milling strategies and cutting tools from WIDIA-Hanita solid-carbide end mill brand.

When applied correctly Trochoidal milling minimises changes in the chip load and achieves high and constant feed rates by commonly employing a low radial depth of cut with high axial depth of cut. It can save significant time and money by achieving higher speeds and feeds while greatly reducing machining loads on the cutting tool. As WIDIA Product Manager, Mr Mike Sperhake confirms: 'There’s been an evolution of CAD/CAM solutions addressing the need of customers machining high-temp alloys. These CAM solutions can create machining programs that improve tool conditions. They will keep forces and chip thickness constant. As we design tools for machining high-temp materials, it was easy for us to design products for these improved conditions.'  

The first results were WIDIA’s VariMill I™ solid-carbide end mills, followed by the VariMill II™ and VariMill II long series, which have proven particularly successful among ITC customers. These tools optimize modern advances in CAM software and machine tool dynamic applications without losing the capability to work in weaker environments.

'WIDIA’s newest solution, the VariMill II ER, is a brilliant add-on for customers using the latest CAM programs,' Sperhake adds. Like the VariMill II, the VariMill II ER end mills are engineered with five unequally spaced flutes. However, unlike with the existing VariMill product line, the eccentric relief (ER) available with this new tool’s cutting edges provides greater edge strength and enables higher feed and metal-removal rates. The VariMill II ER end mill has a different taper core than the VariMill I and VariMill II. So, stability is increased for a robust performance whilst it has also been designed for centre cutting. VariMill II ER also is the first off-the-shelf tool to offer SAFE-LOCK™ by  Haimer. This provides excellent stability, eliminates the 'pull-out' risk and makes  the tool more stable and concentric, overall.

Advanced Toolholding

The right chuck is also vital for trochoidal machining strategies to maximize tool life and ensure workpiece surface quality. With a more compact and stable design, featuring a 40% thicker front wall cross-section, WIDIA’s HydroForce HT™ provides the increased rigidity necessary for improved cutting parameters and better results. Clamping force is up to three times better than regular hydraulic chucks whilst delivering improved vibration dampening. The run-out is three microns at 2XD overhang with a balance quality of G2.5 achieved at speeds up to 25,000 rpm.

More cost-effective than expensive thermo shrink-fitting operations and up to four times more clamping force when compared with collet chucks; HydroForce™ HT is a cost-effective universal chuck solution that simplifies inventory while maximizing tool life and machining results.

Published on MTD CNC by ITC LTD on 30 March 2015

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