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Tungaloy Introduces New Product Catalogue

Tungaloy Introduces New Product Catalogue

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 01 March 2013

Tungaloy UK has now issued its new products journal for 2013. With an already extensive product portfolio, the new 24 page edition provides customers with the perfect snapshot of new introductions the cutting tool manufacturer has developed for launch this year.

With four primary product lines, the TurnLine, MillLine, DrillLine and ToolLine, the Japanese cutting tool manufacturer has created the publication to give an insight into just some of the new offerings for 2013.  The development of the new turning grades T9100, T5100 and T6100 Series of CVD coated inserts for the machining of steel, cast iron and stainless steel as well as the new AH600 and AH905 Series of PVD coated grades for stainless steels and super alloys have been integrated into an extensive range of new products that are illustrated in the catalogue.

For the turning of hardened steels and cast iron, Tungaloy has created the BXM Series of CBN coated grades. The new BXM10, BXM20 and BX910 developments are ideal for high speed machining with remarkable chipping resistance and toughness for interrupted cutting with exceptional tool life. Additional new products to the Tungaloy turning stable include the DoMiniBore, for small diameter boring operations and TurnTec for high feed and heavy depth of cut turning. These new products to the turning line are complemented by a new line of grooving toolholders and multi-edged grooving inserts as well as a range of grooving products adaptable for producing component specific profiles.

Of particular interest to the UK small turned parts sector will be the new TinyTurn range of small boring bars that supply through coolant directly to the cutting edge offering remarkable chip evacuation. Capable of turning a minimum bore diameter of 0.6mm, the TinyTurn will be well suited to sliding head lathe users and manufacturers of small components. Tungaloy has also launched the Mini T-CBN boring tools incorporating what is currently acknowledged as the world’s smallest indexable CBN insert for machining hardened steels, the Mini T-CBN system can machine to a minimum bore diameter of 4.5mm.

New products added to the Tungaloy milling line include the TecSlot and TungSlot series of slot milling cutters. The TecSlot incorporates tangentially clamped inserts with widths from 16 to 25mm that are held in either an axial or radial driven cutter body with diameter options from 100 to 250mm. For exceptional productivity levels and cost effective slotting, Tungaloy has introduced the new TungSlot. With three right and another three left hand cutting edges, the inserts offer 6 cutting edges for cost effective machining. Offering slot widths from 6 to 8mm or 10 to 16mm, the TungSlot has tool diameters from 80 to 200mm.

For upgrading conventional milling operations to new generation high feed milling, Tungaloy has introduced the new DoFeed and DoFeedMini indexable insert cutting tools. With high density insert pockets and inserts with four cutting edges, the DoFeedMini is a shank type cutter with diameters from 16 to 32mm whilst the larger DoFeed is available as a shank or bore type cutter with the shank tool suited for diameters from 32 to 40mm and the bore type tool capable of machining from 50 to 80mm diameters. Complementing the DoFeed and DoFeed Mini, Tungaloy has created the DoFeedQuad face milling range for highly productive milling with the economical advantage of double sided inserts that give eight cutting edges per insert.

For the rough machining of turbine blades and complex cavities in the mould & die industry, Tungaloy is now offering its new FixRMill. With round inserts for the machining of complex forms, the FixRMill differs from competitor cutters with its fixed index location system that guarantees optimal rigidity and insert positioning. The FixRMill is cost effective with six indexing positions for each insert. To increase the scope of the FixRMill, Tungaloy has created the cutter with a shank type cutter range from 32 to 40mm diameter and a bore type option from 50 to 66mm.

Finishing the line up of new products is the Tungaloy drilling line that has seen the launch of the TungSixDrill with 6 sided inserts for maximum economy. Providing a length to diameter ratio of 2/3, the diameter range offers drills from 28 to 54mm. For the utmost in versatility, the Japanese tooling manufacturer is now supplying its TungDrillTwisted and TungDrillBig. With four types of chipbreaker and grade variants, the two new products can machine a variety of materials; the TungDrillTwisted cutting from 12.5 to 54mm diameter and the TungDrillBig creating holes from 55 to 80mm. For reduced set-up times and improved material removal rates, Tungaloy has created the new DrillMeister solid drill with a single insert that can be combined with a hole chamfering adapter designed to offer 3 chamfer angles to suit the needs of the end user.

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