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Tungaloy introduces new milling range

Tungaloy introduces new milling range

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 09 October 2013

For highly productive and economical milling, the Tungaloy Corporation has now developed its new DoPent Series of face milling cutters. The extremely rigid line of cutters offer productivity levels beyond that of alternate tools with its innovative new insert inclination that reduces cutting forces and improves cycle times.

The new DoPent range incorporates a double sided pentagonal insert that offers incredible performance levels whilst delivering a cost effective solution. The rigidity of the new DoPent is credit to its new clamping system that provides a large contact area between the cutter body and the insert to reduce chatter, improve surface finishes and tool life whilst enhancing productivity levels.

The innovative new DoPent Series is available with a shank type cutter as well as a Facemill variant with a coarse, close and extra close pitch cutter body for high feed machining. The new extra close pitch SS-Fit system takes productivity to a new level when maximum material removal is required. The shank type cutter body is available in 32, 40, 50, 63 and 80mm diameters with three to seven insert pockets depending upon the diameter selected. The bore type cutter is available in diameters that include 50, 63, 80, 100, 125 and 160mm. The coarse pitch cutter body offers 3 to 7 insert seats, the close pitch cutter has 4 to 10 seats whilst the extra close pitch cutter has 6 to 20 insert pockets depending upon diameter selected.

The DoPent Series is a versatile all-rounder that can machine low and high carbon steels, alloy and tool steels, stainless steel, gray and ductile cast iron as well as aluminium and aluminium alloys. This diverse material parameter range is possible through the Tungaloy development team creating a series of suitable inserts for each material type that include the AH725, AH120, AH140, T3130, T1115 and TH10 insert grades. This wide range of insert grades ensures the DoPent is an exceptional performer on applications in the aerospace, automotive, mould & die, medical and general manufacturing sectors.
Additionally, the numerous insert grades have been developed with Tungaloy's MJ geometry for general machining parameters, the W geometry Wiper insert and the AJ geometry for aluminium alloy machining.

The MJ geometry insert is ideal for the general machining of steel, stainless and cast irons with its excellent balance of edge sharpness and strength that prevents edge chipping. Complementing the MJ geometry is the W Wiper geometry that enables customers to enhance surface finishes on steel and cast iron components. Whereas the AJ geometry for aluminium machining provides a lapped insert face for reduced adhesion and improved chip evacuation to improve material removal rates.

For the end user, the combination of a rigid cutter body and an insert pocket with a large contact area delivers productivity improvements that have shown material removal increases of 50% when compared to competitor products. When conducting high feed machining, the innovative insert geometries have proven to improve cycle times by up to 40%, making the DoPent an exciting prospect for any manufacturers wishing to improve their productivity levels.

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