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Visioneering opts for Gewefa shrink clamp tooling
Visioneering opts for Gewefa shrink clamp tooling
Visioneering opts for Gewefa shrink clamp tooling

Visioneering opts for Gewefa shrink clamp tooling

As part of a £3/4M investment programme in its prototype automotive styling and modelling facilities, Coventry based Visioneering Ltd has specified Gewefa heat shrink clamp spindle nose tooling for use on its new 5 axis machining centres.


Visioneering has purchased two Ares Cms moving bridge machines to manufacture predominantly data control models used in styling and engineering structures of new and prototype production cars for the leading marques.


Part of the Envisage Group, Visioneering Ltd is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of styling, engineering and data control models and panel checking fixtures for prototype and production parts.


The Ares Cms moving bridge is a completely self-contained 5 axis CNC machining centre for a variety of composite, model board and light metal cutting applications. 


The working unit of the Ares moving bridge is a PX5 12kw (16hp) spindle, which lends itself to powerful high speed machining and which can machine 3 dimensional and other unusual surfaces and can also be utilized for intricate and aesthetic sculpturing applications. 


The machines in use at Coventry are required to run at up to 24,000prm with feeds up to 50m per minute. Tolerances are typically+/- 0·02mm.


The decision to specify Gewefa heat shrink toolholders was based on the security and concentricity of the tool/cutter interface and the requirement for balanced, vibration free cutting.


All of the Gewefa HSK, BT and DIN toolholders are supplied balanced and have a very slim profile – essential when machining deep pockets or in tight, inaccessible areas.


"Virtually everything we do is a one off," explains Visioneering operations director Adrian Coppin.  "It is not unusual for us to re-visit a component a number of times for fine-tuning or minor but intricate modifications so the capability and manufacturing flexibility of the new machines in conjunction with the Gewefa shrink tooling system has been a very welcome addition to our capacity.


"Certainly we do not want model damage or scrap as a consequence of tool slip or pull out at very high speeds in quite delicate workpiece materials – hence our reliance on the security of the Gewefa heat shrink holder and cutter assembly."


Five axis supervisor Keith Myatt was instrumental in recommending the Gewefa shrink cutter shank clamp system.


"I had experience of it elsewhere and was impressed by the security of the cutter in the shrink toolholder and the fact that they are finally balanced," he explains. "It is not arduous machining but it is very precise.  Our machining tolerances are often just sufficient to accommodate the paint layers which when applied, create the precise final model for customer approval and sign off."


As part of its investment Visioneering also purchased from Gewefa a heat induction unit – a bench top Rineck ‘Induktherm’ rapid shrink VCS - which has a 10kw high speed induction heater for rapid tool changing.  


The Ares machine has an automatic tool changer with a tool magazine located within the machine chamber which accommodates a full range of Gewefa HSK 63-F shrink tooling together with conventional spindle nose tooling including Gewefa extended slim line collet chucks and face mill adaptors.

Published on MTD CNC by Gewefa UK Limited on 21 October 2015

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