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New range of Widia hole making and tapping products

New range of Widia hole making and tapping products

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 20 November 2012

At the Southern Manufacturing Exhibition from the 13th to 14th February 2013, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will be demonstrating its diverse range of cutting tools to visitors at the FIVE, Farnborough event. The Tamworth based manufacturer will be showing its market leading tooling solutions alongside the new range of Widia hole making and tapping products. Additionally, ITC will be using the show as a platform to promote its capacity to design and manufacture specialist tooling solutions from Stand N64.

As a market leading provider of tooling solutions to the aerospace, motorsport and general manufacturing markets, ITC will be showcasing some of its most popular product lines. Among the new products for machining hard steels and aerospace alloys, ITC will highlight the benefits of its new 5021 Cyber Series of 5 flute harmonic end mills. The new 5021 Series has been developed to deliver high machining performance and productivity benefits when processing difficult materials.

Complementing the 5021 Series will be the new 6051 Cyber Series of End Mills. The remarkably high performance 6 flute series has already made a significant impact on productivity and tool life for many aerospace OEMs and F1 manufacturers. Like the 5021 Series, the 6051 is a long length, straight shank solid carbide cutter with an unequal flute spacing and Cupro coating. The Cupro coating extends the tool life and stability of the micro grain carbide series whilst the flute spacing reduces machining noise and vibration.

Alongside these new cutters will be ITC's new ball nosed cutters for machining intricate profiles, pockets and complex 5-axis components in extremely hard materials up to 65 Rockwell.  The 2152 short series and 2162 long series have been launched to give outstanding machining performance to mould & die and general engineering machine shops working with hard materials.

For the machining of abrasive materials and composites, ITC will be introducing the benefits of its 2111 and 2151 XLS Cyber Series PCD two flute end mills. Designed for machining graphite, metal matrix and other similarly abrasive materials, both series have a choice of corner radius for improved tool life, whilst rigidity is credit to the solid carbide shank. The 2111 series has been designed with necking for additional reach, whereas the 2151XLS range has been designed to reach intricate and difficult to reach profiles with its overall length of 150mm.

For  profile machining, ITC will showcase the new 2102 and 2132 Cyber Series of ball nosed PCD end mills. Manufactured in the UK at the company's Tamworth facility, the 2102 and 2132 offer the same overall length, length of cut and reach as the square end 2111 and 2151 series whilst offering radius options of 2 to 20mm for the 2102 series and 8 to 12mm for the 2132 extra long range.
Of particular interest to subcontractors and general machine shop engineers visiting Southern Manufacturing will be ITCs new tapping, threading and hole making products. Now boasting access to the UK's most comprehensive range of tapping products with a vast selection in stock for immediate delivery, ITC's first tapping catalogue that has recently been issued, has 36 pages of detailed information with further products available upon request.

ITC can now offer taps from M1 to M24 with spiral points and flutes in long and standard lengths with through coolant and a selection of coating options for all material types. Complementing the extensive range of taps is the new range of thread formers that are available with or without through coolant and oil grooves. To supply a 'complete' tooling solution, ITC will also be demonstrating its new VDS Series of Drills. The high performance drills are the ideal pre-requisite for high quality thread making; as accuracy, rigidity and performance are a given with the new drills. For further details, contact your local ITC representative or come and visit us on stand N64 at Farnborough.

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