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Newly-extended Widia range of Victory turning inserts

Newly-extended Widia range of Victory turning inserts

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 22 September 2013

The newly-extended Widia range of Victory turning inserts available from Vargus Tooling UK offers users reduced cycle times and longer tool life across all workpiece materials including steel, iron, stainless steel and high-temperature alloys.

The inserts boast effective chipbreaker geometry - five new geometries have been introduced - and the ability to run at higher speeds and feeds compared to conventional carbide inserts.

A total of 15 new grades have been added to the Victory range that boasts improved coating integrity and edge toughness to reduce force, friction and built-up edges. The new grades also feature Widia’s innovative Alpha Alumina multi-layer coating and a new system for geometry and nose radius ID.

In tests machining a cast iron workpiece running a Victory WK20CT insert at 274 m/min and a feed rate of 0.30 mm/rev (compared to 241 m/min and 0.25 mm/rev), tool life was tripled and cycle times reduced. In another instance on steel – running at the same speeds and feeds of 161 m/min and 0.30 mm/rev - the Victory WP25CT insert doubled tool life.

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